Bola Salt Essien-Nelson: Marriage God's Way...Your Desire Should Not Be For The Man

So on July 30th 2016 we had our fourth ladies meet for the year and it was ama-mazing!

I haven't gotten around to writing deets on the day but one of our ladies transcribed this message from our guest speaker that everyone should totally listen to.

If you as a single lady have been thinking that marriage simply starts from desiring marriage, think again.
It starts from GOD.
It has always started from GOD.

What has your heart sister?
What's your first desire? God or marriage?
Who has the biggest slice of your life? Your wish for a man or your relationship with God?

Again I say, EVERY LADY should read the message from Aunty Salt.

Do so by clicking on the link below or link on our bio... http://www.imperfectlyperfectlives.com/bola-salt-essien-nelson-marriage-gods-way-your-desire-should-not-be-for-the-man/

Have a great weekend ahead!

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