Hey ladies! Here's our letter from Daddy through Aunty Salt that you've all been waiting for... Marriage My Way: A letter to my Daughters At the Well. 
My Precious Daughters 
I am not into holding good back from my children. I don't want you to NOT get married. I just want you to get married to a man with whom you will do it right. 
And I want you to be ready. Not just for the wedding. But for the marriage. Done my way. What do I mean? 
You see, the main purpose of marriage unions - your marriages is to reflect my Kingdom. It is not just about you and your husband to be and what you give and get from each other. 
I meant for marriage to mean way more than that. I had no intention of your union with your husband to turn into one of the many selfish, self-serving, godless contracts that we see all over these days! No, I don't want that for you. I love you too much. 
I don't want your purpose as a wife to be just about providing food, sweet nothings and sex to your husband! And of course, children! 
So as you would say, chill! 
Trust that I know what I'm doing with your life. After all, I AM God Almighty whose tenth middle name is Wisdom. Let's work together to get you ready for that role. Let's get your heart filled with my heart. Then, when you are able to love like me, your Prince will come. Drawn to you by my love exuding out of you. 
So, my dear daughter, can you trust my Love? 
Your God, your Father and your First Love.

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