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Hello there!

Welcome to “The Women At The Well” (TWTW) blog!

My name is Frances Okoro, founder of TWTW and I am excited to see you here… or rather, I mean that I and my sisters are excited to see you here!


Yes, this isn’t just based on myself alone, “The Women At The Well” is a Christian ladies group committed to raising women filled with Jesus.


We basically are the Samaritan women at the well in John Chapter 4 who know that only Jesus can fill up our empty crevices and everything Jesus wants to pour out on us, we want.

We are bonded by the love of Christ, with a desire to simply grow in Him, bringing Him into our lives in everyway.

We are a women’s ministry based in Lagos, Nigeria but with sisters in every part of the world, brought together beyond what time and space can define.

You can read more about us HERE


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Again, welcome to our blog!


Love and light,


Founder, The Women At The Well.




Written By The Women At The Well at Written By The Women At The Well
The Women At The Well is a Christian Ladies group that is committed to raising women filled with Jesus.
We know that NOW, only Jesus can fill up our empty spaces.
We are based in Lagos Nigeria and hold live meets every third quarter of the year.

And we would be glad to have you join us. Mail 4thewomenatthewell@gmail.com

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