Joy Okpuno: My Major Takeaway From The Character Of A Godly Woman Study

So my major take away from the character of a godly woman study…
The very first thing that I got was, being a godly woman is God’s mandate for me, it’s God’s mandate for everyone that He created… We are told that we are created in His image. Having God’s image is more than just looking like him on the out side but our inner man should also reflect Him… Why because God focuses more on the inner motives of a man (just like he told Samuel)  that is what differentiated David from his brothers, from Saul, because he had the godly character.
A lot of times, I realize I focus on the outside, what makeup to apply, what dress to wear, but I don’t spend as much as I should developing my character….. Which ends up been a waste because no matter how beautiful you are on the outside, if your character isn’t beautiful, it ends up corrupting your your whole being.

(2) Being a woman of character, isn’t something I can do on my own….. For example I when ever I do not pray for a while, I find my self going back to my sinful habits, why because my flesh can not produce godly character, it won’t obey God’s laws; it can’t even obey God’s word.

Romans 8…when I read it using the Message version it made its meaning clear to me.
Godly character comes only from God, and I can’t say I have it or that I want to have it, without knowing and having a consistent relationship with God.
Consistent, meaning day to day.

I used to believe  that the strength from God for Monday can carry me to Tuesday and Wednesday. But when Wednesday comes,  I realize how far off I am from God.

I need Him everyday.
(3) A godly character isn’t only restricted to me… This means that yes, having a godly character would lead to a deeper relationship with God  it would lead me to heaven etc, but a godly character always affects everyone around me… It isn’t something that can be hidden..   It’s just like Jesus said, you won’t put on a light and hide it under the bed, so when I/we are filled with godly character, it shines. Every one around you would know without you even saying that you  are different…

My go to bible scripture for a godly woman is proverbs 31…the first few verses talks about the character of the woman, then it gets to where it says her husband and her community would benefit, because of her character.
That’s the end game, why I should have a godly character; so that those who would come in contact with me, would benefit and be touched by God in me.


Being a woman with godly character isn’t easy, especially when you are faced with experiences and downright painful situations. Let me give an example:
Last weekend I was a little broke… So the little money I had I used it to buy bread and butter for I and my mom to eat. So we called the woman and told her what we wanted. We gave her the money and she gave us excess in change. I held the money and was looking at it.. One thought came to my mind, let me not tell this woman of the excess change she gave me.. My mum also saw the change and said nope we are going to give her back.
So having a godly character is work; a day to day constant work… Dying to flesh and selfish desires, so that the character of God would shine through us.

For two minutes we kept going back and forth.. My mom’s advice prevailed, we gave her back.. The joy on the bread seller’s face was priceless… It was then I realized how much that money meant to her.. I was just preoccupied with my own financial woes, forgetting the next person.
If my mum wanted to preach to this woman, she could easily have, and this woman would have listened, why? Because her character at that particular time showed she was different from others…
I on the other hand was ashamed, I let the cares of this world affect my character.

It doesn’t mean that I would give up, it just means that there is more work to do, to get to the level of having my character knowingly or unknowingly positively affecting lives.

So a recap:

  • Having a godly character is God’s mandate for me, it goes hand in hand with having and walking In purpose…. With godly character, I would walk in godly purpose.
  • I can’t have this godly character by my own strength,, it’s not something I can make a goal to achieve this year.. It’s only based on a daily relationship with God.
  • A godly character isn’t meant to benefit me only, it’s to touch lives positively knowingly or unknowingly.


The Character Of A Godly Woman is a study we delved into as a group in the past months.

The study will be coming out in our first TWTW book in January 2017.

The Character Of A Godly Woman "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law." Galatians 5:22-23 KJV We have been on this study for the past few months... We have gone from love to joy to peace to longsuffering to meekness, goodness...the whole works. And one thing we have discovered is that we still have a long way to go in bearing the fruits of a godly woman. Notice that character isn't about the gifts of the Spirit..anyone can bear those but only one who is being pruned by God can bear the fruits (John 15) Whats your character like dear sister? Whats your tongue like? What fruits do you bear? We all have a long way to go but are you even willing to go the long way? Jesus wants us to bear fruits like He does... to bear fruits the Spirit gives to us. To live forth His character and attributes and in TWTW we commit to walking the walk and not just speaking it. PS: The first edition of our collection of Bible studies will be out soon. All studies we have done for the last one year are in it: (1) THE LIST FOR A FUTURE HUSBAND... (2) BECOMING GOD'S OWN KIND OF WOMAN... (3) MARRIAGE GOD'S WAY... (4) THE CHARACTER OF A GODLY WOMAN. .. We are only printing per orders... If you are a lady interested in becoming God's own kind of woman, order for your copies by mailing #godlywomen #becomingGod'sownkindofwomen #Christianbooks #Christianladies

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Joy Okpuno

Joy Okpuno

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Joy Okpuno is a child of Grace, a student and future lawyer. She is the content creator, social media strategist and blog manager on TWTW. She currently resides in Lagos Nigeria.
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