About Our Last Meet: The Gap Between Naomis And Ruths Has Been Bridged!

The moment Frances announced the Theme for our first quarter Meet as “Bridging The Gap Between Naomis And Ruths”, I just knew I had to be there.


Reason is, I had lots of hard-nut questions on my mind and I knew only women who have walked this path can give me godly counsel and share lessons from their experiences… I just could not see myself missing out on this golden opportunity to ask real time Naomis these hard-nut questions that keep me awake at night. Plus the Meet was doubling as the official launch of our first collection of Bible Study, which is more than a dream come true for me. I was part of the Media Team that compiled and edited the Studies, which was like literally giving birth to me, so I couldn’t also afford to miss my first baby’s dedication.


Did I mention that I haven’t been able to attend any TWTW live meet since I relocated to Abuja last June? I more than missed real-time fellowship with my TWTW sisters. I missed the Spiritual and physical refreshments/rejuvenation that came with these Meets, so like Daniel, I purposed in my heart that I wouldn’t let nothing and no one prevent me from attending this Meet. QED.


I purposed in my heart and God made it happen. Would you believe that God used someone to pay for my roundtrip tickets to and from Lagos? That’s definitely a #TestimonyArising!!!



My Top Lessons From Our Last Meet


I came thirsty and eager to drink from the Well to my heart’s satisfaction and I was not disappointed. The program started with Frances leading us in heartfelt prayers for a fresh dedication of our hearts to God.



Then we had our sisters Aramide, IfyHalim, AmakaMedia and Frances share excerpts from our Bible Study Collection which consists of four books:
– The List (For A Future Husband)
– Becoming God’s Own Kind Of Woman
– Marriage God’s Way
– The Character Of A Godly Woman


Next, our married sisters Emmanuela Tijani and Damilola Busari, who are 6 months and 3 months in marriage respectively, share with us some lessons they have learned from marriage so far.

The one thing that stood out for me as both of them shared their experiences individually is that – “No matter how ready we think we are for marriage, when we get there, we’ll realize that we got a lot more to learn. As a matter of fact, marriage tests all the lessons you’ve accumulated on marriage as a single. But the good news is God is ever near to walk you through and help you succeed in the institution of marriage. So long as you are yielded to Him to help you”


Pastor Ugo Fidel Onwuraokoye, one of our Naomis, took the event tempo multiple notches higher as she spoke to us on the importance of having a mentor. She spoke to us as a mother speaks with her beloved children, sharing lessons from her very terrible childhood/teenage years which was filled with hatred and bitterness and how God saved her from a life of worthless living. This is my first time meeting or hearing this great woman of God speak and I was captivated by her passion to see that the younger generation does not get lost as she was before God saved her and turned her messed up life into a message and testimony to help the upcoming generation. One key thing I picked from her pep talk is this – “No matter how ugly your situation is. No matter how messed up your past may seem. God can work it all out to give you a glorious destiny, if only you let Him work out His purpose in you irrespective of the ugly situations. All it takes is a completely yielded and obedient heart.”

With Pastor Ugo
With Pastor Ugo


Up next was the long-awaited Talk-show with our Naomis which was anchored by the Anoke sisters – Success (aka dPreachersKid) and Distinguished (moi).

Rookie Ruth came prepared with lots of questions ranging from how to recognize her Naomi, to what to do till her Boaz finds her, to how much of what goes on in her home when she’s married to Boaz should she let Naomi in on, to acceptable/unacceptable sexual positions for Christian couples, to what to do if Boaz wants sex during a fast, to how to manage her finances, to how to balance her career, home-front, relationship with God and several other demands without burning out, etc. Lots of deep questions. And our seasoned Naomis:

– Pastor Ugo Fidel Onwuraokoye, (married for about 16 years), is the President of Tamar Rescue Foundation, an NGO focused on advocacy and education against sexual abuse and rape.


She also runs a ministry called Total Woman International, a ministry for women of all classes for impartation of Grace for successful womanhood and deep study of the word of God.

– Pastor Alayode Omotunde, (married for about 14 years), is a financial professional with over 15 years work experience in the industry. She also oversees the Children Ministry of The Elevation Church, Mainland, Lagos.


– Mrs. Bola Essien Nelson (Aunty Salt), (married for about 24 years), is a world changer who seasons lives and her environment with words using her blog platform and books. She is the beautiful heart and voice behind SaltTalks and www.Saltchronicles.com. She is also a monthly guest writer on Pulse.com

These 3 wise women held nothing back in answering the numerous questions that Ruth had. They shared freely from their personal experiences, relationship with God, lessons from counselling others, etc. There was raw love and pure passion in the way our Naomis spoke to us. One of our Naomis, Pastor Alayode, came from the office and was supposed to go back there by 2pm but she put her work on hold and stayed with us 2 extra hours just so she’ll answer our numerous questions!




And when we asked for the secret to building capacity so we’ll also turn out to be great Naomis like them, I picked this central truth from all their responses – “Capacity to be the woman God has created us to become happens overtime, it is never instantaneous. You build capacity with your daily activities: attending midweek services is building capacity; attending events and seminars like your TWTW Meets, is building capacity; going to school is building capacity; learning a skill is building capacity; the books you read for your personal development is building capacity; the type of association you keep to help you BECOME is building capacity; the time you spend in your closet communicating with God and digging into His word, is building capacity. There is no one secret for building capacity, it is a cumulation of all you do to help you BECOME who you have been created by God to be.”


Two other key things I also learned from our Naomis are:
– A woman who desires to BECOME all God has created her to be CANNOT joke with her prayer life. She must learn and be committed to doing battle on her knees. She must learn to pray about anything and everything. She must learn to let the Holy Spirit guide her every decision and step.


– The bridge between Naomis and Ruths goes both ways – as we come to our Naomis for wisdom and guidance, they draw strength from our belief in them and their God-given purpose. In Aunty Salt’s words: “Dear Ruths, know this, as you drink, you are watering too”

Our Collection of Bible Study and Frances Okoro’s new book – “Prayers For Your Future Husband” (Spirit-Led Prayers For The One Whose Name You Don’t Know) were officially launched after the Talk-show. Those who had pre-ordered took their copies and those who didn’t, bought their copies at the spot. (You can get yours too or get for a loved one, e-Copies and hardcopies available).

All details on our book will be out in a post this week
All details on our book will be out in a post this week

Closing prayers were said by our Naomis who showered us with Blessing and heartfelt prayers to God to keep us on track and never let us make the mistakes they made.






Oh my! I am so glad I didn’t miss this Meet for anything in the world! My heart is full and my Spirit is refreshed!!! And as with all TWTW Meets, we took lots of pictures afterwards. And the hugs? Breathtaking!!!





This goes on record as one of the Best Days of my life in my little journey on earth.

Next TWTW Meet comes up in June and the bigger news is that is open to both males and females, singles and married. This is my early invite for you not to miss it.



Messages from the meet and videos wil be out on our Youtube channel in the course of the week.


Also watch out for details on how to get our book.

Chinyere Distinguished Anoke

Chinyere Distinguished Anoke

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  1. Beautifully captured Dee.. Thank you!!!!!!!!!….What a refreshing time learning and gaining insights from our Naomi’s. God bless them greatly for us… So excited and looking forward to our June meet already… and yay to #Testimonies Arising:)!

    1. Thank you Dami! It was really refreshing listening to and learning from our Naomis, AMEN to your prayers for God’s blessings on them.

      And it was lit to finally Meet you and some other TWTW Sisters in person! So looking forward to our June Meet!!!

  2. I think I just relived the meet over again. 🙂 Oh, what a beautiful day it was.

    TWTW meet gets better than the last one every time. Well captured Dee.

    Looking forward to June. 🙂

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