Minimeet with Aunty SALT!

It doesn’t get better than the Saturday we had with Aunty Salt on 13th May 2017. It was refreshing, on all levels. All shades of amazeballs.

The mini-meet was slated for 10am in Brown’s cafe and restaurant, off Adeola Odeku in VI Lagos.

Aunty Salt had earlier announced that there would be gifts for the first seven arrivals. She was there before any of us. And yes, she delivered on that promise. Each of the “early birds” got free copies of “The Shack” by WM. Paul Young.

She did not stop there, our Naomi went ahead to post pictures of the first three Ruths to arrive on her IG page. Talk about celebrating even the little acts of excellence.

We started with a prayer of thanksgiving while some more ladies joined us. As we had breakfast, Aunty Salt started by thanking us for honouring her invitation to host us. Huh? Mrs Bola Salt Essien had lost her younger sister AburoChild Mrs Shola “Sholly” Gaska nee Adefolalu barely five months ago in yet to be established, excruciatingly painful circumstances. Her walk of faith at this time is an inspiration to a lot of us in TWTW. So you can imagine her now thanking us  for collectively being her “hook” and helping her deal with here loss as she finds purpose from her pain. No words. Just no words.

One thing was clear from the word go, a fact Aunty Salt put in words several times. She had not called us together to waste our time. She came prepared to give, to pour of  the Water God had given her on and in us. She was there to be as open as possible so we could learn.

Some parts, I would quote her verbatim. Other times, I would write as I understood. As you join me, I pray the reason for this meet would be actualized in your life as well, just as if you were physically present.

First Words

There is a difference between being ready for marriage and getting ready for the wedding. As Christians, God expects us to do marriage different from the world. And until we are ready to do it the way God wants, He sees us as not ready for marriage. This is one reason a lot of  Christians are still unmarried. God loves us too much to allow us mess up our lives and that of His other sons and daughters in the name of marriage. He keeps us out to groom us for Marriage His Way.


To build anything, the foundation is critical, for if the foundation be faulty, even the righteous might become helpless.

First, know yourself in God before thinking marriage.

Then respectfully develop yourself. Build yourself into the kind of spouse you would like.

This starts with the reason for entering a relationship with a particular young man or woman. What is the love predicated upon? Looks, Money, Connection, Talent, Charisma, Fear of God, Humility, etc. Good as all these are, they form a shaky foundation at best to build something as important as marriage. This is because these traits are transient. A love based on any would die when the underlying factor fades away or changes. As a Christian, we should love just because…unconditionally, just like God did for us. Romans 5:8. The best time to practise this is in the single and unmarried state. Showing love to people all around us and loving up on our very first husband- Jesus Christ.

Keep the marriage bed undefiled. Pre-marital sex is still  a Sin that attracts punishment. God will forgive, but the individuals will pay. Whatsoever a man Soweth, that he shall reap.

Also, communication is very key. Do not leave room for assumptions.

Right from dating and courtship, discus issues and be open to each other.

Never believe otherwise, marriage is good and sex (In marriage) is beautiful.

Four truths to know before getting married.

  1. There is no ready made soul mate in terms of personality and character. Two dissimilar people based on their unconditional love for each other go through the process of becoming soul mates. What matters most is a person with a teachable spirit.

  2. Stay in your lane, your time will come. Stay hungry for where you want to be, but let that not in any way diminish your contentment with what you have/ where you are at the present.

  3. Never compare your man or your relationship with any one else’s. Every relationship has its own dynamics. Do not be the foolish woman that destroys her home with her own hands.

  4. Sex in marriage is a big deal. It has the ability to set the tone of a lot of things for a couple, especially men.

You know like a good teacher, Aunty Salt started from lighter issues before delving into the weightier ones.

Existing or Living.

Aunty Salt asked us a question: “Think about your life right now; are you living or existing?”

To help us answer the question  better, she provided us guidelines

Existing is full of doing, activities and things. There is a sense of shallowness and dissatisfaction. Nothing you do can ever be enough. It focuses on the individual and his efforts.

Living is full of being. It involves people. It is about pleasing God, being a tool in His hands to save souls, touch lives and benefit somebody else. We are made by God to “be”, not just to “do” hence the term “human beings” instead of “human doings”. When we become in line with God’s purpose then can our doings also please Him and be rewarded.

Matthew 5: 44-46: “Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh. [45] Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season? [46] Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing.” ( emphasis mine).

Caution: Let charity begin at home. Whatever grace we exhibit and distribute outside, our household should be the first beneficiaries of that grace and even greater graces.

The conclusion of the whole matter.

Eternal life is the ultimate of our entire existence. Whatever else we do, even as we fulfil purpose, we must never lose focus of heaven. No matter the challenges and temptations, never accept / give in to the lie of the enemy that we are merely human. No. No. Nay. We are not only human. In fact, we are not human at all. We are spirit beings in human flesh as a prerequisite to exist in this realm.

How is it possible to live heavenly conscious you may ask? Do not make Jesus Christ number one in your life. Because that would mean that after you give Him priority as number one, you can still go and attend to other numbers on your list as if He never existed. Instead of making Him number one or  any other number, make Christ the centre of your life. Let every other aspect of your life draw from Him as the constant. Live as if the trumpet would sound that very second.

Let the difference between you and the world be visible, just like that between darkness and light.

Item Sevens.

Then it was time for lunch. There was a slight change in timing due to a family outing our Aunty Salt had.  Somehow, lunch was not ready at the rescheduled time and girls were already hungry. Lol. So we descended back on the breakfast layout and concluded the judgement on the sandwiches and cakes. Shopping at the Salt Market where we bought without money also continued.

At around this time, Aunty Salt left us for her family engagement. Of course not without very strict instructions that we do adequate justice to the food prepared.😂😂

Finally, the 3 course meal was ready, buffet style.😁😁

We dug into the sumptuous lunch while feeding on the Living Bread and drinking from The Living  Well, so the heading Items Sevens is deliberate.

Frances shared on Authentic Christianity, which is not in church attendance or being fluent in  christianese, rather of following the example of Christ. It is desiring God above any gift we could ever get from him or desire. A Christianity where Christ is not the utmost desire, but the only desire. Where we crave God, just for Himself, and cherish His fellowship, simply because He is. The gift must never come before the giver, else it becomes an idol.

Tioluwanimi shared on knowing God on a personal level. Such that when you call God a name, it is not from a posse of cliches, rather it is from a place of knowing God in that capacity.  Authentic Christianity is learning what God would have us learn in every situation, allowing the challenge to train us and work out patience so we can be a help to someone else who would pass through that same road in the future and need encouragement from us.

As an authentic Christianity, learn how to own up to your mistakes when you fail, confess them to God, and be sure to shut the devil down when he tries to accuse you. She recommended “Battle Field of the mind” by Joyce Meyer and “Crash the ChatterBox” by Steven Furtick.

The Preacher’s Kid added that for us to be authentic Christians, our eyes must be firmly fixed on Jesus Christ and not on any man. Christ is the standard, and only him is the author and finisher of our faith.

Toni  (Oluwatea) wrapped it up by encouraging us to be our brothers keeper. We should encourage a wounded soldier or a Christian that stumbled instead of casting him aside with harsh criticism, by so doing, we would all grow.

Final words.

Do not wait till everything is available. Start that big dream in a small way. Impact a life, even if it is just a single person.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes, just remember to move on from it. A mistake is just an event. Do not let it define your life.

Celebrate little victories. Celebrate your self. Celebrate each other

As expected, we wrapped up with a wonderful time of prayer- short yet inspired, that our testimony of new birth would never be a past tense. May  we never see our Christianity as been there, done that.

Special thanks to our special hostess Bose and Mr Jide (that helped us with the photographs) both of Browns Cafe and Restaurant.

Christian, Tobi and the entire Team of Sweet Kiwi Frozen Yoghurt that delivered our surprise promptly despite the short notice, even when we had to change the delivery time to fit into the new schedule.

If you missed this meet, don’t worry, God’s got you. Our next full meet come up in June 2017, that’s next month. Follow the blog and like our Facebook page for full details as soon as they are released.

Stay blessed.

The Preacher’s K

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