So this is the background to how our ladies ministry “The women at the well” @twtwnigeria began.

In 2015 I decided to feed my wanderlust.
I was having such an amazing time as a single lady and wondered why others weren’t living to the fullest.
I did a “12 trip challenge” where I visited 12 new places every month .
I climbed Ekiti hills.. visited Idanre hills.. Ikogosi water springs… Olumirin waterfalls.. etc. And I did this all ALONE! As a youth corper!
I would just strap on my bag, Bible and small camera and go sightseeing. After climbing hills I would sit with my Bible and just talk and laugh with God. Filmed videos too.. all ALONE.

At Erin Ijesha waterfalls in 2015
At Erin Ijesha waterfalls in 2015

Gosh! Twas such an amazing time in my life!
I came into Lagos and was hit by friends bemoaning their singlehood and going on mindless dates.
God gave me the message of John 4 of the woman at the well.. told me to send an email to blog subscribers to come hangout with me. We went to Nike Art Gallery and the rest is history.
I still love adventure! ! I went to Badagry with a friend last year and we had a splash! !


So again God’s been laying it on my heart to start a travel and tour aspect of “THE WOMEN AT THE WELL”.

And this is for every lady single or man who just wants to live happy to the fullest!!
We will sightsee museums, beaches, resorts and different countries!
Watch out for trips and tours that will be shared per time. Find them all at the end of this page.


Frances Okoro


The women at the well




We are up!! From the stables of @twtwnigeria and @twtwtravelandtours comes our next adventure and hold up… its for both our men and ladies!

Join us as we go on a day’s visit to “La Tropicana resort” Lagos on Saturday September 23rd 2017.

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, is a 65 acre tranquil paradise located just an hour’s drive from Victoria Island in Lagos State.
This 5 star Resort offers a unique blend of natural environments which include,a fresh water lake, accessible mangrove forest, a Savannah, extensive sandy beach and the warm Atlantic sea.
Some of the activities you can enjoy at this exciting place are canoeing, hiking, hunting, horse riding, beach volleyball, beach football, snorkeling and ocean water fishing.etc


Fee: 8000 Naira

Fee includes entry fee for a day’s pass to the resort, transportation and stomach infrastructure.
All you gotta do is show up!

To join us pay the fee for your preferred package into:

Frances Okoro

Then send a mail to with confirmation and proof of payment.


If you missed Badagry and Omu resort the last time then you shouldn’t miss this 🙂


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