Introducing: #GirlfriendsInPrayer Series

“Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”
-Matthew 18:19‭-‬20 KJV


I recently visited a dear dear friend of mine who I had not had a chance to visit with in months.
We gisted and bantered some and when it was time to go, I felt God tell me to agree with her concerning some things in prayer.
I had woken up about two days before with Matthew 18:19 ringing in my heart and it wasn’t until that moment when I was with her that I understood why God had laid that verse in my heart.

I asked her if she had anything she wanted us to agree on in prayer and surprise! She did!
I personally knew what God wanted me to agree with her on and so we went on an #AgreementPrayer that had me almost back flipping when we were done because I knew God had called for this.

I left her place with satisfaction; a fulfillment in my heart and lightness in my step, all from #GirlFriendsAgreeingInPrayer.

I meditated on this for a while and wondered: what if there was a revolution on this among Christian ladies today?
What if all Christian Girlfriends made it a point of duty to not just visit and gist but hold hands and agree on some crazy stuff in prayer?
In Matthew 18:19, Jesus says that what we ask will be done for us by our Father in heaven.
He says because where two or three are gathered, He is there in their midst.

Now, I have had some pretty awesome things answered in my individual prayer life but here is Jesus giving us an awesome weapon in prayer… one which so many of us aren’t making use of.
Two or three according to heaven is a quorum, enough to make a decision and agreement in prayer that heaven will respond to.

So why do we form this kind of quorum in visits and shopping spree but never take advantage of it in making heaven respond to us?

So I decided that I won’t just go visiting ever again.
If I am going to visit any of my girlfriends, you best believe that we will be holding hands and lifting up our voices to heaven on some crazy things.

“How do you want me to agree with you in prayer” should be constant words on our lips to any girlfriend we have.

Today I invite you to be a part of the #GirlFriendsInPrayer.
During your lunch break from work…
During your girls night out with a friend…
During your meet at a supermarket to shop for a new wardrobe…
During your visits to their homes…
Do not end that visit without asking “how can I agree with you in prayer”.

Everyone of us have some things we are asking God for…
From spiritual growth and more spiritual revelation…
To needs and heart desires… our Father say, agree on earth on it, I will do it in heaven!
That’s a pretty big boast if I may say so myself!
And let’s take Him up on it!

So will you be a part of this revolution sister?

Do you join me to commit to being a #GirlFriendInPrayer?

Can’t wait to see heavenly results springing from this!
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