Memories From The Women At The Well July 2016 Meet

We know that writing in November about a meet that happened in July is a long stretch but we can’t just let the memories go like that.

July 31st 2016 was such an amazing day with our TWTW sisters… it was so amazing, it definitely has to be ingrained in sands of the time of our blog to be revisited over and over again.


First, our venue was LIT!

We all converged at Lekki Conservation Centre by 12pm which was the set time but African man time had some of us coming late (don’t do this at our subsequent meets though. lol).

And as always, it was such a joy to see our ladies after almost three months of being apart.

Our last meet was in April 2016 (read details of our last meet HERE)

We were soooo excited to see ourselves, we literally back-flipped to the moon and back. Our new ladies were not left out as some of us were just meeting for the first time ever but as is a given with TWTW, we all were quickly integrated into one big smiling family!

dsc_0144 dsc_0170


Then began the road trek into the jungle.

I kid 🙂

It  wasn’t really a jungle but maybe it was.. what with monkeys peeping out from the trees. Lol. For real!

We had a 15minutes walk through the walkway, snapping pictures and gisting and I know some of our ladies were afraid but hehe, the blood of Jesus saw us through. Lol.


And we finally got to our venue!

Yes there was light at the end of the tunnel!!


We had introductions and some goofing around and then got down to serious business.. which is the business of the Word.


We had been on a study at our online group for the past 12 weeks on “Marriage Today (Marriage God’s Way) and we had the very amazing Aunty Salt take us deep into that session.


You see we really were just ladies desirous of gaining wisdom in this all important area of our lives.

In the words of our sister Amaka:


My spirit was right in my body. (Before nko? Lol!)

So I was spiritually fed and satisfied by the message given by our guest speaker, Aunty Salt!

Aunty Salt spoke on ‘Marriage God’s Way’.

Her inspiring words sank deep into my heart and radiated so well. (If you ask me, I think her soft, tender and lilting voice added some effect. So yummy!)

“Get your relationship with God tight. It’s in the middle of God’s will that he’d find you.” Aunty Salt said.

“Sometimes you think your time is going, but God is helping you and preparing you because you can’t go into marriage the way you are.” She said. 

Before she wrapped up her message, she read out a loveletter to me us – A letter from God. That wasn’t the first time God will be writing a letter, He’s done it many times. I posted one of my personal letters on the ‘I Met God‘ Series.

I HEARD God speaking through Aunty Salt.

While she was reading the letter, I cried. I cried because I received a confirmation. I cried because I felt God’s arms around me and His love surrounding me. The letter illuminated my heart to draw NEAR to God more than ever. (that’s where the word “lit” originated from. “Lit” is the past tense of “light”)

One Word from the letter:

“(Amaka), your marriage is to reflect my Kingdom here on earth.”

Go on our Instagram page to read the full letter from God to us.

And read the transcribed form HERE

After the message, we prayed. Frances, our leader and founder raised some “heavy” prayer points that couldn’t carry our legs to stand. Some of us had to kneel down.


We led prayers asking God for forgiveness for our selfishness, for thinking that marriage is all about us.

We asked the Lord to raise more women filled with Himself.. to use us to raise marriages that glorify Himself.

To use us light in the world…

We just really poured out our hearts to God deep and it was beautiful.. moreso because we know Daddy answered.

Watch out for Kingdom marriages that will spill out from us soon.


And afterwards, it was simply picture time!



oh Aunty Salt gave us gifts of books and even autographed some of them for us. How sweet!

She came to be an absolute blessing we cannot describe!


And then it was time to go home.

But not before everyone at Lekki Conservation Centre asked us who we were… something that always happens when TWTW holds meets. Everyone seems to just see the light in us… it can only be God.



We hope that you will become part of what God is doing with us soon and a great opportunity is right around the corner.

Our last meets for the year is coming up!

It also doubles as our one year anniversary and oh, God has been faithful!


We will be having two meets…

One in Ado-Ekiti on Saturday 19th November 2016.

Theme: On Purpose: #SeasonsOfPreparation.


Our meet in Lagos will hold on Saturday December 3rd 2016.

theme: #WomenOfPrayer.


Either one that suits you is just awesome! Just don’t miss out. Mark your calendars.

We want to see you and more importantly, we know that you will be refreshed with the water from the well when you come, so please don’t miss out.

And invite everyone!

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Lots of love,

The Women At The Well.


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We love you!

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