“The word of God is alive and active,sharper than any double-edged sword. It cuts all the way through,to where soul and spirit meet, to where joints and marrow come together”

-Hebrews 4:12 [GNG]

The word is QUICK,POWERFUL AND SHARPER than a sword. It cuts through soul and spirit,judges the desires and thoughts of the heart. Lets just say the WORD is everything to a believer. Without the word we can do nothing.

Today on Continuing our Women of the word series (see the previous post HERE), our sister Bolaji would be sharing some starting steps on how to be a woman of filled with the word (these are words transcribed from our study on “The Character of a Godly woman” which will all be released in our first book soon).

There are 5 starting steps you can take to be a woman of the word.

1]GET PLANTED AND SERVE ON FERTILE GROUND; The bible says we should NOT forsake the gathering of other believers/saints. Many of us want to be used by God ,but we don’t have a place of worship. This is dangerous, if you claim to want to have the word overflowing in your life. This means when you start erring, you do not have any spiritual authority to guide or encourage you. There are blessings and revelations you get from serving someone who is following the lord.

You want to grow and learn and be a woman of the word, fellowship and  serve in the house,where the UNDILUTED word of God is served.


2]HAVE REGULAR QUIET TIME AND RETREATS WITH GOD [pray and fast]; Seven days a week without God makes one weak. You can’t claim to want to be filled with the word, while also ignoring the WRITER of the word. How will He explain some things you don’t understand if you ignore Him? If you don’t spend frequent time with God,fast and pray, you would not know when you have slipped.

You want to be a woman filled with the word,there is no way other than spending QUALITY time with God,your constitution is the word, don’t ignore it.


3]INQUIRE LIKE CHILDREN; If we claim that God is our Father, why would we be afraid to ask questions? The problem is that many of us serve God in fear, not in love. We forget God FEELS, He loves,forgives, laughs etc. God’s love should compel you to love Him,not fear. His goodness should make us want to spend time with Him and ask Him questions, even while walking to the office. You’d be surprised to find that God can gist and is very funny.

God isn’t waiting to flog us every time we do wrong, He knows that He is the only way we can become better and full. So He asks us to COME AS WE ARE. God speaks through the bible, but He also speaks THE WORD we desire every minute to us.

4] SURROUND YOURSELF WITH WORDY PEOPLE;  These are people who speak and daily live the word. You can’t spend 24/7 with WORDLY people and expect to be WORDY. It won’t mix.If you are always the Hottest believer around, my sister start praying with WORDY friends. Don’t get me wrong, there are times you have to help/pat/assist believers who are also growing,but you MUST surround yourself with people of the WORD. Many of us will rather spend 4 hours scrolling through gossip blog,than read His word.

If you want to be a woman of the word , then follow those who share the word.


5] BECOME VULNERABLE BEFORE GOD; This is similar to being able to ask God questions. God sees our heart, so why not just share? God is our “bae’, however many of us will rather share stuffs with people before we share with God. This is why this verse is important;

“be like newborn babies,always thirsty for the pure spiritual mil,so that by drinking it you may grow up and be saved”

-1Peter 2:2 [GNB]

This right here is the key.He will not force His word into your mouth. He will wake you and say ;come’, knock,encourage, etc but HE will not force. The ‘Milk’ is there ,but you have to desire it. So how do you remain THIRSTY? The answer i can give is DESIRE and DISCIPLINE. Pray even when you do not feel like praying. Read the word no matter what you feel. For we do not work by feelings or sight but by FAITH.

Many of us want to do things for God and go all out,but we have to be filled with the WORD. God has seen the future and is preparing us. It may seem like He’s not nice, but trust me, He knows better.It’s a character building and word filling process.

As believers we are nothing without the word, there is no shortcut about it.



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