Memories From The Women At The Well First Meet At Ado-Ekiti!

Saturday November 26th was an ama-mazing day!

It was so amazing… I wonder how God does the things He does with The Women At The Well.

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You know, we have always been a group of women who would not know each other from Adam, but meet and it would seem like we have known ourselves forever!
And that was exactly the way it was at our last meet.

It was the first time we would be holding a meet in a place outside Lagos and I wondered how it would all play out… seeing as I practically knew no one at Ekiti and had just been back into Ado-Ekiti for two weeks.

But it all worked out so well, I was surprised myself.


God poured out on us in amazing ways.

I know. It couldn’t have been me because I even forgot the notes I had written with the word to share at home!

Oh my!

I simply told God, this is all You and indeed it was all Him.


We were just five ladies but took an hour plus introducing ourselves… we simply poured out in sincerity even though we had just met!


Afterwards, we shared on “Purpose” and finding and walking in purpose (the message will hopefully be transcribed later).

But among us, we had two ladies who were in tight corners as regards the path God wants us to tread.

We prayed for more grace for us to go on and not falter.

We also took the opportunity to do some #GirlfriendsInAgreement prayer to boot (never miss an opportunity to do this).


We did some sight seeing like TWTW ladies are known for.

Our venue Fajuyi Park has a high building where people usually climb to the very top (its only 5 or 6 stories so forgive my exaggeration).

We got to the top and it was picture time!!!!




And some refreshments afterwards and we all just lazed around, smiling, laughing and basically being refreshed.

I was the organizer but left that place with my spirit refreshed and merry and I believe it was same for our ladies.


We thank God for the seed of TWTW in Ekiti State and pray for it to be watered and grown even in the days to come.


Now, if you missed this, there is good news for you!

Our Lagos meet holds this Saturday, December 3rd 2016.

All the details are on the flyer below…

Hey sisters, its @frances_okoro here So I have awesome news for our sisters who have been asking about “The Women At The Well” next meet. It’s here! And an amazing twist is that we will be having two meets! One at Lagos and One In Ekiti State, Ado-Ekiti to be precise. The meet in Ado-Ekiti will hold on Saturday November 19th. Theme: On Purpose: #SeasonsOfPreparation. Another twist is that we are only taking 12 Ladies and there is no bias in choosing these ladies, its going to be on first come basis. I really didn’t think we were going to have this Ekiti Meet but oh, the tug has been so deep, I am praying all God has for us shall come to manifestation. I know we will have an amazing time together. Now our Lagos meet will hold on Saturday December 3rd 2016. Venue: The Oasis, 3 Keystone Bank Crescent Off Adeyemo Alakija Street Lagos. And I am soooo revved up. Theme: #WomenOfPrayer. I have been feeling such a pull for women to get into prayer, TWTW Team has been praying for an outpouring of the Spirit in ways we cannot physically understand. If you have been feeling low in your spiritual life lately, by all means please join us. It would be such a refreshing time in the Spirit and there is no number limit to this, come one, come all. I want to meet you all sisters. We still birthing women filled with Jesus in “The Women At The Well”. I hope that you will be one of us. Please, if you want to join up on either of the two meets, mail We need numbers so we can plan better. So do us that email, and especially my Ado-Ekiti Ladies , please mail ASAP. #thewomenatthewell Feel free to tag a sister in need of some Christian ladies fellowship :-) #ladiesgroup #christianladiesgroupinlagos #adoekitiladiesmeet


Don’t miss out as we wrap the year with a spiritual bang!

Written by Frances Okoro


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