12 Days of ThanksGiving: Ugo is grateful to Daddy.

TWTW called out for thanksgiving posts from our sisters (Click HERE if you missed it).

For the next 12 days we will see through the eyes of imperfect ladies, striving to give perfect praise to the Lord.

“By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to His name”

-Hebrews 13:15


It’s your girl Ugo, YOUR AWESOME!!!

Remember how i was about to come back from service and had nothing, Nysc had refused to pay the last allowance on time and i was so frustrated and angry with myself,that i couldn’t save a dime after months. Then you showed up and placed me in someone’s heart ,and i could pack my bag home to Calabar.

You remember how many hours i would roll on the floor begging you to show me in a dream,or in some kind of trance,what the new year holds for me. Just something symbolic or unusual. Then i got real frustrated that my life means nothing to the world. Look, it’s the end of the year and i’m productive, not where i should be yet, but with you one step at a time. Plus the peace i have enjoyed this year,is beyond my imagination.

It’s December Daddy and my account statement tells me i handed real cash, not sure where they all came from. You gave me the opportunity to learn how to do bridal make-up, and how to make clothes too. So i do not have to buy clothes anymore.

Daddy , you remember how broken and numb i was when “he” told me he couldn’t go on with the relationship,i was about to finally finish NYSC, the thoughts of settling down went down the drain. I kept and still blame myself for losing what i considered a “gift”. But you filled my heart with the assurance that you give GOOD GIFTS to your children and you are not done with me. You promised to write my love story….. I see you Dad! I see what your doing!

You gave us a house of our own, freeing my family from the slavery of tenancy…..You healed me, the one time i was down with malaria, didn’t have to got the hospital at all. You surrounded me with friends that are mature and interested in my life’s growth, encouraging and supportive.

You Let me sit at your feet, taking in all the riches of your grace in words  i cant express, i learnt of you and found grace to go through each day.

I intentionally disobeyed you Daddy, and all you did was tell me ‘YOU HAVE TO RESOLVE NOT TO DO THIS AGAIN, BUT I STILL LOVE YOU’. No condemnation for me but your forgiveness and mercy spoke for me.

i almost lost members of my family, but you kept them alive.  You gave my family real peace, Thank you Daddy.

I have a job, to dwell in your courts forever and still get paid and your grace has seen me through.

See all these surprises you pull, when i am sad, you call and comfort me. When i am broke, you show up, when i am happy, you make me glad. I SEE IT DADDY, I SEE IT.

For the blog, all the social media platforms and the audience you give to me, the opportunity to share your warmth and color to this world, i really appreciate it.

I want to thank you in advance for 2017, the good health, the plans and goals already achieved, the surprises you bring my way. The victories i enjoy, the grace that speaks for me, the progress and advancement that i see in all areas of life. The fulfillment of your word and the promises in my life, and above all the gift of the Holy Spirit.

i love you daddy and i am grateful.


My name is Ugo Patience Ukam

God’s leading lady|| Make-up Artist|| Tailor|| Singer||Biologist.

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