12days of Thanksgiving:Chinyere Anoke “2016 was a fulfilling and fruitful year”

TWTW called out for thanksgiving posts from our sisters HERE And for the next 12 days we will see through the eyes of imperfect ladies, striving to give perfect praise to the Lord.

“By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.”

-Hebrews 13:15…


Amidst numerous tests, challenges, disappointments and near frustrating situations, 2016 has been a full, fulfilling and fruitful year for me. I delayed in sending in my testimony for the #12DaysOfThanksgiving because I don’t know where to start…

I’ve got big miracles and numerous seemingly small ones that I hitherto took for granted but now, I’m super grateful for them all.
2016 was declared our year of help from above and I can testify that God has indeed helped I and my family. An attempt to count my 2016 blessings will most certainly run into weeks and months.
In this year, God gave me a job I didn’t actively pray or apply for. In this year, God brought me back to the city of my choice. In this year, God has graciously added another year to every member of my family – from my parents to their grandchildren.
In this year, God spared our lives from different accidents and close shaves with death. In this year, God was/is really our healer we all fell ill at some point in the course of the year but God healed us from these different sicknesses and diseases. In our schools and places of work, God favoured us above our fellow men.
In this year, I started my blog which God used the first ever TWTW Meet to inspire me to start, I want to specially thank God for coming through for me on that platform. There’s been some tests and challenges but God has used that platform to strengthen my faith and trust in Him.
In this year, my personal relationship with God grew and became better. Yes, I’m not ‘there’ yet, (wherever ‘there’ is) but I’m super grateful for growth in my personal walk to becoming who He wants me to be.
So many testimonies I can not talk about in details… God answered some of my prayers and denied answers to some – for both I’m super grateful because they all worked together for my good.
In 2016, I judge God Faithful and an all time Helper. Please join me and thank Him.


I am Chinyere Distinguished Lydia Anoke, a Jesus Lover steadily growing in her walk with God. I love to read, write and impact lives with the gifts and opportunities God brings my way. I am also a Content Developer, writer and freelance editor.

To know more about me, visit my blog www.distinguishedlives.wordpress.com


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