12days of Thanksgiving:Damilola Ayorinde “God used my Nysc for His glory”

 TWTW called out for thanksgiving posts from our sisters HERE And for the next 12 days we will see through the eyes of imperfect ladies, striving to give perfect praise to the Lord.

“By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.” Hebrews 13:15…

********************************************************************God did exceedingly above what I could ask, think or imagine. That’s 2016 for me in one sentence. So, I’ve come back to share of His goodness and say “Thank You Lord!!!”

Two major testimonies for me in 2016 that I’ll love to share are my NYSC experience and getting married.

I got posted to Edo state for NYSC and I was looking forward to my time there. It was good for me to be out of my comfort zone and experience the diverse cultures of my dear country. I had it all planned out. Join OBS on camp, get posted to a media house and continue to build my career as a presenter. Somehow, if I did anything else during the year, I felt that would be a waste of my time and talents. How wrong I was! God had other things in mind. In retrospect, I’m so grateful for the change of route during the year.

I ended up serving as a teacher in a girls only secondary school in Benin. God gave me favour with the school authorities and it afforded me the perfect opportunity to do what I love.

I’ve always had a passion for young people, girls especially; wanting them to grow up well rounded and well informed so that they can take good decisions that hopefully would help shape a better future for them. I believe to catch them young. Build their self esteem. Let them discover their talents and abilities and work on them. Etiquette and finishing is also an integral part. And of course, know God and love God and not get caught up in all the negative peer pressure and boy wahala. Somehow all this passion had been ‘forgotten’ in the heat of building a career. It was time to reignite the flame.

I spoke to the Principal about my passion for young people and she was more than glad to provide a platform for me.

She allowed me to speak to the girls on the assembly ground almost every week on whatever I wanted to. We covered topics like Peer Pressure, Friendship, The Power of Focus, among others. I became friends with a number of the girls and got the privilege to mentor a few.

At the end of the academic year I organised a seminar for the girls and got one of my fellow corper friends to be a facilitator. It was a success to the glory of God. From the planning to the execution, God took control. He sent me help and divine provision.

Serving in the school was a hidden treasure on all levels. I was assigned to  teach Civic Education. That in itself was a blessing.  I’m a firm believer that the grass is only greener where you water it and civic education is one subject that helps convey that message. Teaching the subject gave me the opportunity as well to help the students see the good in Nigeria and even Africa. I believe this is a foundation that must be laid if we are to become better citizens. God indeed gave me a chance to pour out and impact my students positively. For that, I’m thankful.

My NYSC testimony would be far from complete if I fail to mention the new family God gave me in Benin – the Redeemed Christian Corpers Fellowship (RCCF). Nothing beats being in the midst of young people, like-minded people who love God and are all out for God, come rain, come shine. I lived in the Family House and it was a whole new experience for me. Learning to love God and of course, love and live with people. I haven’t really been away from home all my life. I schooled in the same city I lived in, so I was home every other weekend. This was different. Home was at least 5 hours away. I couldn’t just up and leave and catch the next bus to Ibadan because someone got on my nerves. I had to stay and fight, learn, love and forgive. Life long friendships were forged during this time. I’m grateful for the people God sent my way!

The service year ended in October and I got married in November! If someone had told me last December that by this time next year, you would be married, I would say amen o. But in my heart of hearts I would say that one na real miracle if it happen.

Last December, during the RCCG  Holy Ghost Congress, I remember Daddy Adeboye told us to ask God for a Christmas package. One of the things I sincerely asked God for was my husband. I had enjoyed the single life, a whole lot, truth be told, but a new desire and longing had come. And that night, I asked God. It was the first week in December. It was almost like a dare even. There wasn’t really any serious ‘bro’ around. Lol. Ask anyway I did.

Looking back, I discovered that it was around that period that my husband and I reconnected. We had met some years ago and somehow lost contact over time. That December he found out that we were both in the same City together after so many years. He called and promised to check on me. We never did see till the weekend before Christmas and I  ended up hitching a ride with him back to the West for the Yuletide holidays.

We got talking again. Our friendship grew in leaps and bounds. And to the glory of God, a year later, we are man and wife. The journey to the altar is another testimony on its own. God blessed us such that both families accepted each of us. At the beginning of our courtship, he was transferred out of Benin. I’ve never been a fan of long distance relationships, but God helped us through the period. As the D-day drew closer, Jehovah Jireh continually showed himself strong on our behalf.

These are the ‘big things’, the defining moments of my 2016. That’s not all though. I’ve seen the hand of God in the seemingly little things too. The new shoes l silently wished for but never got round to praying for, the jewellery box too; even traffic free roads, to name a few. God is truly worthy of all the Praise.



Damilola is a young multi talented and multi passionate woman. She has strong interests in the media and journalism as well as entrepreneurship. She is committed to mentoring youths, helping them discover and harness the treasures that lie within them; urging them on a journey of self discovery and actualisation. Damilola is also passionate about politics and nation building.

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  1. I love it when we just trust the leading of God’s spirit while he unfolds his amazing plans. This is such an awesome testimony that goes to show how passionate God is about our success as His children. Congratulations Dami!!! I receive my own Isaac too in Jesus name. Amen

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