new ebook: starting your year right; a guide to having a year that counts

Oh this has been a long time coming and it is finally done!

The Women At The Well first eBook goes live today!

“Starting Your Year Right (a guide to having a year that counts) is for every God seeker who wants to get it right in a new year.

Many of us are confused as to what to do to make our year count.


“The society today encourages us to have aspirations, hopes and dreams. Have a goal and draw out a plan for your life, add scriptures to it and the Lord will do it!

That’s all well and good for others but if you are a redeemed child of the most High God, then you have got to know that God has a plan for your life.

The One who created you has a will for your life – a will that was drawn up even before you came to be.

It’s not your responsibility to draw up that plan for yourself; your responsibility is to surrender to whatever that will may be with the knowledge that it’s way better than anything you can come up with and determine to do that will.”

-Excerpts from the book

This book is simply to help us find out how we can walk in what really counts…

What counts is not your goals drawn out of the air (bummer?)

It’s more.

And you can’t get how to make your year amazing from social media, etc.


I hope this eBook helps change your focus and turn everyone who reads in the right direction – God’s direction.

You can download for FREE below

Heyyy ladies,this year has been prophesied as our year of surprises from our Daddy. To help us access what God has planned for us, we need to spend quality time in the spirit. We are getting right into 2017 with resources to help us walk in and with God. The eBook titled "Starting Your Year Right" will be up on Wednesday January 4th 2016 for FREE, download on the blog. Download read and share


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