#GirlfriendsInPrayer || How To Step Up Your Prayer Life

While we were praying our normal Sunday prayers in tongues on TWTW group on Sunday, I suddenly thought of how awesome it would be at actually be able to pray 5 hours in tongues daily!!!

I mean think about it:

If you can pray after just one hour and get all high, joyful and roar on the inside, how much so 5 hours?

Those were just my thoughts.

Wishful dreams?


But then we do have people who enjoy God so much they can stay in the place of prayer for that long.

I understand that it’s not just about the hours but have you ever seen a spiritually weak Christian spend that amount of time with God?


The truth is that no matter how much we try to sweet talk it, the amount of time you spend with God is directly correlated to your love and devotion to Him.

Ask Mary of Luke chapter 10.


I do hope that like me you have thought about increasing the time you currently spend with God in prayer and in the Word.

Desire is the starting point and then action is taking it higher.

What can you do to step up your prayer life?

1: Blast away in tongues!


“But you, beloved, build yourselves up [founded] on your most holy faith [make progress, rise like an edifice higher and higher], praying in the Holy Spirit;”
Jude 1:20 AMPC

See that growth you seek?

The Holy Spirit gives it if you will pray in His language.

Something on the inside starts increasing  in you as you lambano in the Spirit!

Make a decision to do this this year… infact daily.

Which brings me to the next point.


2: Set a time and place and stick to it.

When you want to see “him” don’t you guys call ahead to check your schedules and set a time to meet up?

Then why do you do less for Jesus?

If Jesus is important enough, set a time for talking to Him in your schedule. I know you talk to Him all day, I do too but set a time where it’s you and Him ALONE.

Where you run into Him, your hiding place.

In the busyness of today, not setting a time for God daily is planning to fail, all sorts of things will come rushing at you.


3: Don’t give up.

I have been on a hour prayer per day for so long and on some days it still feels so hard!

Some days I am on high and some days I am like bleeehhh! But there’s no room for giving up.

We stay fighting for our time with God.

I even have a habit of piling up gist for just  that 12am I know I will go and sit before Him.

Sometimes I talk, laugh, cry when I am hurt.. sometimes I am so sleepy I am too tired to walk to bed when I am done.. sometimes I don’t even last till 1am. BUT STILL I AM NOT GIVING UP AND YOU SHOULDN’T TOO.


Know that it takes a while to grow and when you start out at first you may falter but keep keeping on.


If spiritual growth isn’t a goal for you this  year,  it should be and one of the most important ways to grow is through the  place of prayer.

As you pray, God’s Spirit is made more manifest with you, your communication lines with the Lord are active and your Spirit attuned to His Spirit.

The flesh is being subdued also and you are learning to grow in God.


Have any other things for stepping up your prayer life?

We would love to hear from you.

Comment below and let’s grow together.



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