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B. Woman Of Faith and Courage – Judges 4 & 5

In Judges 4:3, we see that the children of Israel cried unto God to rescue them from Jabin and Deborah was the answer to their prayers. She was the solution to the Israelites cry for help.

I got three key lessons from this great woman:

Lesson 1

Deborah was Israel’s judge at that time. She was a woman of great faith and courage. When Barak said “I’ll go but only if you will go with me!” (Judges 4:8), she didn’t even hesitate to say “Alright, I will go with you.’

What I see is a woman who truly loves God and is ready to do whatever it takes to see that His will be done. You can imagine a woman leading men to war. She allowed the Spirit of God to lead her. She submitted to Him and allowed Him direct their steps all the way. Just hear her in verse 14, “The Lord leads on!” I also hear the level of her faith from the same verse, “He has already delivered Sisera into your hand!” That was before the victory! She already declared it.

She exhibited an essential attribute of God’s kind of woman – Faith.

Enough of wavering, being tossed here and there by the wind. My take home from this:

  • Deborah recounted God’s promises in the midst of uncertainty

  • Her faith and courage are contagious eventually becoming Barak’s encouragement and consequently leading to the fulfilment of God’s purpose for him at the time.

  • When we don’t become the women God intends us to be, we might hinder some other people from becoming what God wants them to become.

Acting like Deborah would mean not doubting God’s word even before it happens. Like Deborah, I’ll be saying “It’s done, let’s just go and physically take it!”

How many of us take hold of the victory Christ has claimed for us already? He is saying it’s done already. I’ve overcome the world on your behalf. Have faith in Me. Now, go and take what is rightfully yours. All you need do is trust God and obey His word. Because He is the only one who specialises in doing the impossible things.

Lesson 2

Deborah was the leader of Israel at that time. Take note of this – she was responsible for bringing the people back to God. I want all of us to catch ourselves here. How many of us are making a conscious effort to win lost souls to God? It is our responsibility to consciously win souls back to God.

Lesson 3

The next thing that spoke to me strongly in Judges 4:4 was that right after calling her a prophetess, she was named the wife of a man – Lapidoth. We’ve done a study on Sarah before and saw how she was so submissive to Abraham. We all realized that submission is a serious deal with God. Deborah was strong, powerful and all, but a wife still meant Lapidoth was her head in God’s sight. And, she was submissive to him. Even the things she did in Israel would only have been possible because Lapidoth “permitted her” to do so.

Would we go around leading nations but fail to submit in our own homes?

The Bible’s mentioning of Deborah’s roles as a wife and a prophetess/judge wasn’t a mistake. This woman was powerful enough to lead men into battle and yet, submissive enough to be under the authority of a husband. Modern day feminists will call that foolishness, but God would call it the wisdom of a Proverbs 31 woman.

This woman was wise and her husband Lapidoth must have been a ‘one in a million’ kind of husband to let her function in her full calling. She must have also been a wife that made Lapidoth never regret letting her wings fly.

Can we be powerful in God but still be humble?

Let’s ask ourselves this – if God would raise us up to lead nations today, would we still hold our home front and be submissive like God wants us to be?

These days, no one speaks about women being humble. Once God starts using us in a certain way, we develop a second set of shoulders or even a third. It’s a call to me. And a call to every woman here who feels God’s hands strongly on her (basically all of us).

Can we be used mightily by God and still be submissive as wives? Can we play both roles of purpose and wife as we should?

Deborah did great exploits in her time and her husband was not relegated to the background because of her fame, power, position or even number of followers. I can imagine that in today’s society. We should strive to be the example that the world can make reference to, for God’s glory.

Let’s ask God to start grooming us in this from right now. Let’s ask Him for wisdom and for grace to be wise women like Deborah.

Choosing Your Lapidoth

Also, those of us who have God’s mighty hand upon our lives (literally all of us), have to be careful about the man we chose. Don’t make that decision lightly. Pray, pray and pray without ceasing because that man would either mean the death or growth of your ministry in God. If he says no you can’t do this or that, you will have to submit and take that as the answer. Yes, even though we aim to be strong women blazing through God’s Word in strength and authority, the latter has to be subject to the man. That’s simply why my prayer point on submission has been restructured to ‘God, please let me know the head worthy of me submitting to’ because I just have to submit.

Other questions for us to think about:

  1. . Are we women who can be used as God’s solution in a dying and problem-ridden world?

  2. . What do we have in us that can be used to solve issues today?

  3. . Could our refusal to step out into God’s calling automatically be a resistance to someone’s heart cry?

  4. . What’s holding us back from being women with solutions for today’s world?

Finally, I will say praise God always. Always praise and thank God before, during and after He gives you victory. If you read further to Judges Chapter 5, you’ll see that the Israelites praised God.

Praise and thank God for pulling you through seemingly impossible situations. Even when it hasn’t come yet, still praise God.

Obedience and trust in God are key. Trust in anything outside God will collapse, so put your absolute trust in Him!

Prayer Points

1. Let’s ask God for wisdom and for grace to be wise women like Deborah.

2. Let’s speak into our lives and call forth the Deborah in us – in purpose, wisdom, humility, courage, faith and boldness, to arise.

3. Let’s ask God to raise women, believers who will do battle on their knees. Believers who will fight for their families, workplaces, church, and world in prayers. Believers who are on fire in and for God. Ask the Lord to raise YOU to be a Deborah in your time.

4. Ask the Lord to help you to indeed be a help meet to His man for you. To be a helpmeet in every aspect of his life that He opens your eyes to see.


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