Don’t Miss The March 2017 TWTW Meet + 50 Percent Off Off Our New Book


Hi sisters!

Like we mentioned yesterday, our founder Frances just released her new book “Prayers for your future husband”.

The book is has not officially been released yet and so she wants to give another chance to the ladies who have been reaching us about missing out on the preorder deal we previously sent out.

“Prayers for your future husband” main book is accompanied by the “21 Days prayers for your future husband challenge ebook”.

The book alone costs 1000 Naira.

The women at the well collection of Bible studies which will be released at our March meet comprises of four Bible studies every woman should desire to dig into.

Every woman wants to become something. When I was younger I wanted to become a Lawyer. I am one now but is that all? I found out that there is something higher that I have to become and that is "God's own kind of woman". What kind of woman did He intend for me to become? Based on my gifts, talents and His Spirit in me? I found this out as I burrowed deeper into Him. I am a Deborah kind of woman. My work in Him is one of the kind Debbie did in those days. But then even though we want to find out the kind of women we are in God, we don't start from there. We start from knowing Him. And in knowing Him we know us. We know who we are. We shouldn't be worried about finding our purpose and knowing what the word says about us.. just burrow deeper into God. As you go deeper in intimacy with Him, when the time comes for Him to give you instructions on what to do for Him, he will tell you. But never place DOING above WALK WITH HIM. Get your fellowship with God straightened out and as you do, finding who you are in the word wont be an issue. P:S: Becoming God's own kind of woman is a study in our upcoming book to be released in February 2017. Pre-order your copy on or before January 31st 2017 and you also get  @frances_okoro new book "Prayers for your future husband (Spirit led prayers for the one whose name you dont know) as a FREE GIFT (the ebook). Pre-order price is 1500 Naira. Send a mail to to get on this awesome deal. Feel free to tag a lady you know who will bless you for this info. #christianbook #books #christianwoman #womenministries #thewomenatthewell


-The list
-Becoming God’s own kind of woman
-Marriage God’s way
-The character of a godly woman

These are all studies that have wrecked us and made us dig deeper into God.
This collection of Bible study is for every woman who wants to step out of the world’s rut into God’s way of knowing who she is.

TWTW collection of Bible study costs 2000Naira.

BUT Here’s the great news!

We are reopening another preorder deal for everyone who orders and pays for these books on or before March 3rd 2017.

Cost: 2000Naira.

The price of one for the gift of three.

You get:

-The women at the well collection of Bible study

-Prayers for your future husband (either the hard copy or soft copy)

-21 days prayers for your future husband challenge eBook.

If you missed the first deal then this is specifically meant for you.

Don’t miss out on this one too.

Mail to get account details for your payment and feel free to not just purchase for yourself but also for a lady you love who needs this.


Also…..don’t miss out on our next meet.

Please don’t.
Please do yourself a favour and don’t.

There’s too much wisdom at stake for you to let slip through your fingers like that.


Theme: Bridging the gap between Naomis and Ruths

Date: March 4th 2017

Fee: FREE but you have to register.
Register for free Here

We are excited for all in store in this season.

Don’t be left behind sis.

Mail us for your books.

And share this with a sister who will bless you for this!

Lots of love,
The women at the well

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