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This is a sneak peek from our upcoming book: the women at the well collection of Bible Studies.

The book includes four studies:

The list
Becoming God’s own kind of woman
Marriage God’s way
The character of a godly woman

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There exists a general notion in today’s world that posits that a woman should “eat a man’s money”..
This notion have led even Christian ladies to delve into the realm of materialism.
Most women are in relationships they shouldn’t be in because of money.

But lets examine what Ruth did when she needed money. ..


The Virtue Of Diligence
The next attribute I noted as I studied Ruth was her diligence. In Ruth chapter 2, we see her
tell Naomi “Let me go out”.

She was willing to step out and work without waiting for her
big break. She stepped out into what she could do in the NOW. Also, letting go of pride, she went out to pick up scattered grain to feed herself and Naomi. Ruth could have decided to be
a prostitute instead of being hardworking. She was from Moab, no one knew her in Israel, but
she chose the hardworking way.

There’s always something God maybe showing us to do in a period. It may not be grand but it’s His direction to us.
How hardworking are we? It’s easy to credit ourselves that we are not lazy but how much are we willing to do as women? Would we say “No Lord, you promised me the nations” and then refuse the local place He asks us to step into?
Ruth was also very selfless. The little Ruth got, she shared with Naomi. There was a part in the story where Boaz invited her to eat, and after doing so, she kept some back for her mother-in-law. That just blew my mind. Her thoughtfulness… selflessness was of the highest

“So Ruth gathered barley there all day, and when she beat out the grain that evening, it
filled an entire basket.
She carried it back into town and showed it to her mother-in-law. Ruth also gave her the
roasted grain that was left over from her meal.”
Ruth 2:17&18

In Ruth giving leftovers to Naomi, I learnt something too. When God blesses us, do we keep the blessing all to ourselves, or do we give some out and bless others?
“What Do People See In Me?”

Another attribute I see in Ruth is that she was a virtuous woman.

In Ruth 3:11, Boaz mentioned that everyone in the town knew Ruth as a virtuous woman.
Before the virtuous woman was talked about in Proverbs 31, that term was used for Ruth.

“Now don’t worry about a thing, my daughter. I will do what is necessary, for everyone in
town knows you are a virtuous woman.”
Ruth 3:11, NLT

Ruth’s virtuous life was obvious for all to see – that’s a reminder that people are always
watching us and making their judgement about us in our absence.
What do people see in me? What do people in your sphere of influence say about you?
As women of God, what do we carry as we move about? What do people say when you pass
by – at work, in your neighbourhood, at church, your village etc.?

Let’s also notice that Boaz didn’t say Ruth was known for being pretty. This proves that a woman doesn’t have to be physically beautiful to get a man’s attention. It was Ruth’s hard work and commitment to her mother in law that impressed Boaz the most. And that’s how a foreigner married one of the best men in Bethlehem.
Character ladies. Let’s invest more in our characters than in our outward looks.

Ruth also shows us where to turn to and what to do when life hurts. Despite her losses, this young widow fixed her gaze on God and poured her energy into helping others. She was so obedient, meek and lowly in heart. I believe God spoke through Naomi to Ruth and she obeyed. There is nothing as pleasant as the Lord instructing you. No matter how hard it may
be, just obey because it will ALWAYS end in your favour. Ruth obeyed first and provision came after. Obey first and God will provide and take care of you.
I also see that God indeed orders our steps (Ruth 2:3). See how God ordered Ruth’s steps to
Boaz’s farm!
Also note that Ruth wasn’t even looking for a husband when the man came. How good is God?

“No good thing will God withhold from the upright”
Psalm 84:11

You know Ruth just wanted to glean grain, not knowing that God had her husband set there and had plans to make her an ancestor of Jesus. God does plan it all for our good even when we may not see it.
I really want to be like Ruth – loving, determined, virtuous, meek, obedient, hardworking,
gentle and selfless.
I hope you want to inculcate her attributes too.

Ps: Come March 4th, we as Ruths will be gleaning wisdom from Naomis at our first meet this year.

Theme: Bridging the gap between Naomis and Ruths.

Meet is free but you have to register.
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