Woman Walking In Purpose: Gabby Ekesiobi

We are so excited to share this today.

Once every month we shall bring us an interview from a woman commited to walking in God’s purpose for her life.

We hope that you are blessed and also encouraged to walk in God’s will for your life and nothig else.

Meet our amazing woman walking in purpose for this month below..


1. Can we meet you ma’am?

My name is Ekesiobi Ifeoma Gabriella aka Gabbyspeaks {that name always reminds me of my purpose } *story for another day*. I am a blogger, a teen and relationship coach and also a speaker.


2. Myles Munroe said “when purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable” Can you please help us define and throw more light on what it means for a woman to walk in purpose?

Purpose can be defined as the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. For a woman to walk in purpose it means she understands why she is here, why she is existing and taking steps to fulfill her purpose. She isn’t just aware of her purpose but she is taking deliberate steps to make sure she fulfils why she is here.


3. Please share with us your background to walking in purpose… Did you always have a blueprint of it?

I would say I am taking one step at a time. I remember when I gave my life to Jesus in 2006, I remember being at my secondary school desk that day after crying over my sins for 4 hours. I asked Jesus to come into my heart, be my Lord, my best friend, lover and my everything. I remember telling him to show me what am really to do for him. After a while, I started having dreams seeing myself saving young people like myself from a dirty river. Sometimes I saw myself telling young people to follow a particular path and a whole lot of revelations. I was young so I just set out telling others about Jesus. I told as many as I could, class mates, room mates and friends. I wouldn’t say I had a blue print. I just followed the leading of the Holy Spirit, what ever he tells me to do, I do! I just studied God’s Word and allowed it to work in me. I was more concerned about pleasing Jesus and do that which he yearns for. I joined the Bible study unit in FCS Federal Government Girls College, Bwari Abuja. I remember teaching with so much passion that wasn’t found amongst young people my age. I just knew that God has called me to raise a banner in my time. It’s been progressive ever since, from teens to youths. I am out for the young telling them how much Jesus loves them and how their past doesn’t matter to him.


4. You recently marked the anniversary of your blog and online church, can you tell us more about it.

Yes, I continued serving the Lord by his grace since I was 14 years old, not without our relationship ups and downs *laughs*. If you know what I mean. After I left the University my purpose became clearer to me. I just didn’t know how to reach out to more audience now that I was out of the University. So the idea of starting up a blog was given to me. After a whole lot of “God I can’t even write, God who will read what I write, God I have a problem with consistency and all the complaining, I started. So Gabbyspeaks.com was born. I write more about relationships because in my journey with the Lord, I realized my wrong choice of relationships really caused a lot of rising and falling. My heart yearns to see young people get into destiny relationships that draws them closer to the Lord. My blog is majorly a relationship blog. I write as am inspired. I celebrated 2 years of blogging in October 2016. It’s been great.

I also co-founded a singles group called LIGHT BEARERS. It started in October 2016. We call it our e-church. We have up to 50 singles in the group. Our focus is living for Jesus and becoming like him in this season of singleness and beyond. We had our first hangout in October and in December 2016 we had a prayer retreat.

At the prayer retreat in December 2016
At the prayer retreat in December 2016

It’s been a great experience which I won’t trade for anything. God has been good.


5. Must a woman be a Pastor, church minister or the likes before she can be seen as walking in purpose?

I don’t think you must be a pastor, Minister or any of such. All you need to be is be a woman that loves Jesus and spends quality time with him.


6. What do you think about the place of God in fulfilling purpose and being an effective apostle in the market place.

God is above all. God is to be evident in all we do everywhere we find ourselves. Let our lives be a living epistle for every one to read.


7. Is it possible to serve God wholly, maintain godly standards and still succeed in the marketplace (business/corporate world?

Of course, it’s possible. Serving God starts with a right heart. Our heart condition is a very effective factor to determine if we will serve him wholly and maintain Godly standards. Maintaining Godly standards is also very possible, when I set out into my professional career at first I found it difficult to maintain a good quiet time, study time and prayer time. I prayed for wisdom and was led to start doing things differently. I knew that to maintain a Godly standard in the market place my secret place has to be intact. It starts with putting God first and seeing his hands in every little details of our professional lives. Personal walk with God affects our outward manifestation. So it’s possible.


8. Who are your role models/mentors/disciplers who have helped you on this journey.

My dad is my role model, he is a man I really look up to. He has been a very great role model. I love the way he teaches the Word and his standards in ministry. Mrs Chinyere Abba is my mentor, she’s a great woman and I celebrate God’s grace upon her life. If there is any woman I follow up online, read her blog, watch her teachings and just feed on every word it’s Priscilla Shirer. I love her teaching style and I celebrate God for her each time I ever get to listen to her.


9. What advice do you have for other ladies – single or married, who desire to walk in purpose as #apostlesinthemarketplace?

I will tell you this, build your relationship with the Lord. The truth remains that, your personal light will always shine. Your relationship with the Lord always reflects on the outside. Find purpose, pursue purpose, love the Lord with your whole heart and trust him.


10. What book, article or sermon would you recommend for anyone – male or female, struggling to walk in purpose.

I Will recommend some books that have helped my purpose walk: Understanding the purpose and power of men by Myles Munroe;  Understanding the purpose and power of women by Myles Munroe;  7 signposts to your assignment by Mike Murdock;   Prepare for War by Rebecca Brown Don’t let the devil destroy your purpose by Robert Liardon; God’s Generals by Robert Liardon;  Tongues beyond the upper room by Kenneth E. Hagin. For women I will recommend Kathryn Kuhlman ( A spiritual biography of God’s miracle worker by Robert Liardon)

Thanks for your time sis. We are honoured.



We hope that  something resounded in your heart from Gabby’s words.

Thabk you souch Gabby for pouring out your heart to us.


Till next month when we bring another   amazing woman our way.

Be a woman committee to walking in God’s will for her life.

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