New Book: The Women At The Well Bible Study Collection Volume One

On Saturday March 4th 2017; history was made. A fruit of this ministry was released. The women at the well Bible Study collection volume one.


This book is the birthing of a dream from collective labour of love.

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What happens when over 50 ladies, most of whom have never met, get together to talk about Jesus on Whatsapp? 
Nothing short of life, love, laughter and so much more, straight from The Living Well. 
This has been our experience at The Women At The Well since a fateful day on November 2015, and our beautiful journey of discovering who Christ is and who we are in Him continues to evolve with each passing day. 
We are excited to share with you the many lessons Daddy has been teaching us on womanhood,  marriage and purpose as penned down in this book. As you read and reflect, we pray that you too will  experience a personal overflow of Jesus in your life and as a result,  fill up other women in your community for Him.
With love,
The Women At The Well
-Blurb For Back Cover by Ify Halim(you can also watch the video of our sister Ify launching the book at the end of his post)
We are thankful to God for grace and divine help/provision.
Aramide speaking about our book at the launch
Aramide speaking about our book at the launch

The Women at the Well Bible Study Collections is a collection of studies we have
dug into for the last one year as a group.
We are a Christian ladies ministry committed to raising women filled with Jesus
and part of the means by which we do this is through Bible studies. The Bible
Studies in this book contain every amazing treasure that we have found in the
word for the last one year.
Being selfish is not a virtue for a Christian woman so here you have it, our four
Bible studies on critical areas that concern every woman:
1: The List
2: Becoming God’s Own Kind of Woman
3: Marriage God’s Way
4: The Character of A Godly Woman
We pray that your heart is renewed and your mind transformed as you dig into
God’s truth.

Our personal review is that this book is a must have for every lady who desires to be God’s own kind of woman. But that’s our personal review. Feel free to take our word for it.


The women at the well bible study collection volume one is available in both soft copies and ecopies.

For hard copies call 07035539092


You can also order on Konga for delivery to any part of Nigeria HERE

Soft copies are available on Okadabooks HERE

We can also send PDF files directly to you if you prefer that or are out of Nigeria

Feel free to Mail us at for your copies.

God bless you.


Lots of love,

The women at the well


P.S: You can read sneak peeks from the book to really get a feel of the treasure in this book HERE

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