​Modesta Uchenwa: How ‘The List’ Changed My Life

Note: This is a review from The women at the well Bible Study collection volume 1. 

Maturing into a woman and growing to be a woman of God   is just as one of our Naomi’s rightly put it: that Gods institution is the one you never graduate from. The more I know Him is the more I want to know him. ..let me not just digress to that story….
So I never really made any list of who or what my future husband should be like…not even the “tall handsome  rich”  kind of list…I didn’t care. Growing up from my background (story for another day) , I would think that one need not even marry. Lol. But the more I walk with him the more he opens the eyes of my heart  to see that marriage is his very institution (highly prioritised). Hence why devil uses this means (marriage) to attack the children of God in various ways. (but we are more than conquerors in Christ jesus).
So I now understand that chosing a life partner is as important as the marriage itself. Your life,the choices you make before marriage is more and highly important than marriage. This is a situation where the before package should be as good as the after package. Wouldn’t you rather lay your foundation on solid Rock where wind or any harsh conditions won’t destroy it? 
I didn’t preorder for our bible collection (twtw very first publication) even though it was discounted from a long period of time. The devil has a way of depriving us of things that would benefit us most, so I was giving my self one reason or the other for not preordering. Hmmm on our meet/book launch day one of our sisters came to me and said …hey Modesta take this book someone preordered for you. I was like  (opened mouth very wide) …what! Who! I kept screaming with joy. Sis God bless you!
The List:  I started reading the book the next day

The Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see how I would have settled for less when there is a crown that He prepareth for me (and for all who trust Him). The characteristics of all the husbands mentioned in the List wowed me to tears. So the Holy Spirt said “Modesta pick up your pen this time you will write”. I realized that there is power in asking as God encouraged us to ask anything in His name, to seek and knock and we shall find. 
The husbands mentioned in the list shared these common characteristics:

  1.  God fearing: they all put God first in all their decisions. (Abraham, Isaac, David..) then let God directed them rather than let money and other things of the world determine for them.
  2. They were gentlemen of noble character, humble and hospitable.
  3. They had faith in God, thus they listened to  Him and obeyed Him.
  4. They Loved their wives deeply thus they protected her (Sarah, Ruth, Mary) from harm and shame. They protected their wives ugly past, they never discussed their wives inabilities/short comings with their mothers or friends or elders at the gate. Rather they praised and encouraged their wives, they helped and supported them in difficult times, they prayed for their wives (Isaac ,Jacob). They remained kind with her. 

“….. not a man who is kind 

because he wants you as a wife but one whose default mode is kindness”

Excerpt from TWTW Bible collection volume 1: the list page 29

Hmmmm I kept writing and my list kept growing but with precision (clarity). Actually reading the list and writing this review as directed. The moment I drop this pen I would submit my list to Him my Friend.
Do you have a list? If yes  please read the List and review your list.

If no please read the list and let God open your eyes and guide you.

And hey all the prayer points in that book are megas…heheheh don’t miss it.

This one is my best. 

Prayer: Lord let my future husband love me like you love me. Amen.

Bio: Modesta Uchenewa is a seamstress growing in her love and relationship with the Lord.

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The list

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Becoming God’s own kind of woman 

The character of a godly woman
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