Spiritual Growth Series || Practical Tips For Spending Time With God For The Busy Mom/Career Woman Part 2

Last week we shared here that one knowledge that can help the busy mom/professional who wants to spend time with God and hence grow spiritually is the truth that God is everywhere with us. We actually carry God with us as we go about our day. So for the lady who just had life deal her a change blow and cannot spend as much time with God in solitude anymore, this knowledge is a life saver.

What does it mean?

It means that you do not have to hang God out on a hanger to dry when you do not spend one on one time with Him. Time spent with God in solitude is great as we can better hear Him speak with us but life throws us different turns and curves sometimes and somehow the struggle for having a quiet time becomes really real.

What can a lady who really desires to grow in God do then?

1: Examine If You Really Cannot Still Have Your Quiet Time With God:

Sometimes what we cry as “no time” could actually be enough time if we would only be willing and able to make some sacrifices for our relationship with God. Eg, sleep 30 minutes earlier or wake up 30 minutes earlier. Resist the urge to sleep in on a weekend but rather, wake up early to read your Bible and go to sleep after. Spend your break time with your Bible at the cafe instead of chatting with your colleagues. Turning down an invitation to turn up with the girls or with your boo just to spend an evening with God.

Really examine yourself; even with the schedule you have, can you really not spare 30 minutes for God every day?

2: Carry God With You Everywhere:

Instead of always waiting for a solitude time with God to give Him all the gist, practice the art of communicating with God all through your day. Tell Him about your day while in traffic. Play worship music while on your way to and from work and let your heart magnify God as you do so. Meditate on that one verse (if that’s what you were able to get in that day) all through the day while asking God in your heart to shed His light on it and give you insight.

3: Practice The Art Of “Tonguing” In Traffic:

‘Tonguing” is a new word the women at the well have coined for blasting in the Holy Ghost.

We have seen here that speaking in tongues is one way by which we can get spiritually built up and edified. It is a way to dig deep in the Spirit and grow spiritually. One hour a day is a good deal to take with this spiritual drug. But when you cannot find the time or the day to put this in, you can easily clock in two to three hours in traffic during the day .You can have  Ghost party while going to and form work. How does this work?

Get a playlist of some good gospel songs (Spirit pray by Elijah Oyelaide is a great one), plug in your earpiece and speak in tongues quietly to yourself while in the bus or car. Trust me, this habit is an amazing one to have. You can imbibe this so much so that immediately you get in a car/bus your default mode is to start switching into the Spirit.

4: Maximize The Night Time:

If you get home late, instead of just slumping into bed, try to maybe take 10 minutes to just talk to God. Chat with Him. Give Him details about your day. Tell Him you love Him and hear His whispers in return to you.

One of the busy mom/career woman’s constant complaint is the fact that they do not feel close to God anymore.

The Bible says that we should draw close to God and He will draw close to us. Draw close to Him in telling Him the tiny whispers in your heart and take out time to hear Him whisper back.

5: Finally, all these would work only if you are a woman willing to sacrifice and grow spiritually despite circumstances that point to the contrary.. If you truly have a heart for God and want to bridge the gap in your relationship with God then the above would help you. Pray for grace and go drawing near to your heavenly Father no matter what it would take. It may be hard; you may fall sometimes but perfection isn’t the goal, a heart hungry and thirsty for God is.



Lord help me to pursue after you just like a deer pants after water…


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