Did You Know That We Are Going On A Trip To Omu Resort This Weekend???

If you don’t know about our upcoming trip to Omu resort I have just one question for you: Where have you been???


And if you aren’t joining us I have just one question for you: WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO YOURSELF?



TwtwTravelAndTours is a new arm of TWTW that exists simply for women (and men) who desire to live their lives to the fullest while creating memories, traveling and going on adventures!

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We had our first tour in May 2017 and it was a great time at Badagry!!

We toured the slave relics museum, Brazillian baracoon, first storey building, first primary school in Nigeria and teh beach!!


This Saturday August 5th 2017 we will be going on a trip to Omu Resort, Bogije, Lagos!

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Omu resort is a one stop over in Nigeria for fun!

It is a resort with lots of attractions: zoo (which has a live lion in it), Go karts, Quad bikes, sea world, Merry go rounds and lots more!


Not to mention connecting with other persons who will be joining us. It will be a day out of fun and love!

Come join us to create memories that will last in your hearts forever. Be intentional about enjoying your year and enjoy your life!



10,000 naira for full access to Omu Resort and 6000naira for limited access.

Both packages come along with your entry fee, feeding and transportation. All you have to do is show up.

Mail twtwtravelandtours@gmail.com to confirm your payment/make inquiries.


See you on Saturday God willing!!!


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