All The Juicy Gists From Our Trip To Badagry Slave Relics Museum And Beach!

A Trip To Badagry.

It was quite an experience on the 27th of May 2017,when TWTW decided to go on a tour/sightseeing to Badagry museum.

It wasn’t all fun when the journey started and we realized that the driver was not conversant with the route to Badagry (He had never been there!), going round and round and reversing,we found ourselves on the route to Ibadan whereas we planned to go to Badagry (hahaha, we no want lost o) but there is a saying which says that one who asks for directions, never misses his route, so we asked and then got on the right route.

But the day wasn’t done with us as Lagos traffic decided to show us its true colour, coupled with the sizzling sun which tried to dampen our spirits but alas we got to our destination and all stress was forgotten.

We saw the relics from the slave era ranging from heavy chains used on the slaves to hinder their movement, the items used in exchange of slaves( a bottle of dry gin in exchange for 10 men, a kettle for 20men, a Canon gun for 100 men etc), we also visited the first storey building in Nigeria built in 1845, there we saw the first Yoruba translated Bible by Bishop Ajayi Crowther.

Next we got into a boat that took us across, where we would walk to the beach. The route to the beach was/is referred to as the route of the journey of no return (journey to unknown destination) where the captured men/women/children were shipped out of the country. On the route to the beach, we came across a well, which the guide called the attenuation well, from which the slaves were forced to drink from and they forgot who they were.

At the attenuation well..


We finally got to the beach and the waves were calming to the nerves and helped to relax us after the 30minutes + walk to the beach.

The experience was FUN and the journey back home was much easier and smoother because there was no traffic.


*#Lessons- our journey to the destination was not smooth and pleasant but when we got there we forgot about the troubles (The road where you are now in life, may not be pleasant but as you continue and are persistent, you will get to your destination and the Goodies which it holds surpasses the trouble encountered)

#We also got to know that Cows could swim (we never knew that piece of information before then) 🙂

Nnenna your girl is the one right in front of the camera

Written by Nnnenna



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