Introducing: The Women Arising Series

Lade came down from the bus grumbling.. “Lord, is this what I get for serving you? Traffic&annoying conductors?
Marry I never marry, man sef nor dey look my face.. my life is a droll.. day by day by day same thing. No excitement.. nothing. Why don’t you just take me to heaven biko?”

She stopped to open her door& noticed that there was no light. “Now I am back to this house again.. no light. Nothing exciting ever happens in my life. See all the grandeur on social media.. why is mine so dry??”

She took her bath&didn’t even feel like eating.
As soon as she settled on her bed with her phone to scroll through Instagram, she heard Him say.. “now I have time for you. Let’s talk…”

“What did you do with the idea I gave to you last year?
It was a season where people needed crayfish. The demand for it was high..I placed the idea in your heart and you discarded it till that season passed.

What did you do when I told you to email Sheila and ask her about her hair business?

You waved it off again. As nothing.
You have had a book title in your heart since this year started. What did you do with it? Yet you envy Omilola of Richer woman.
I gave you and I gave her a seed
Where is your seed? Where is it buried? In the ground or in your journal?

Left for a woman like you, the Israelites would still be under Sisera today…”

Lade sat up. The Holy Spirit was finishing her life today. But He wasn’t done yet.

He continued:
“This house you are complaining about, your hair business would have given you enough money for an inverter by now..”

“You accuse me of withholding marriage from you. If I allowed you as you are marry a man when you cannot help yourself to ARISE and fulfill your own dreams. how would you help him fulfill his?”

“Lade I am not a wicked Father. I have been watching you. Everything you complain about can be worked out if you obey me, do your part& let me do mine.”

Lade was so stunned. Instagram was forgotten.

So what do I do now Lord?

“Take your journal” she heard.
“Bury your nose in your own seeds.
Arise and cultivate them. I gave others as I gave you also. Go cultivate yours”.

And oh… “leave the lives of others alone. My calling for you and them is different.



Last year at this time we ran the 12 days of thanksgiving posts at the end of the year.

This year we are led to a different area altogether.

Our last meet for the year was tagged “Women: arising into our place” and the day simply saw God breathing into us to step out and DO what He has called us to do and be!

Audio messages from the day from both Psts @fidel.ugo and @isigenegba will be available for download as soon as they are ready.
They will set you on fire!! We will share links as soon as they are ready!!


We were impacted and refired for such a time as this and we don’t want that fire to die!


For the next 12 days we shall feature the #ArisingStories of ladies on here.

Ladies who have been scared but have decided to DO IT AFRAID.


We want to read their fears, doubts and decision to ARISE.


The series shall run on here till the end of the year.

Sit tight and be ready  to be inspired on your own #Arising story


Lots of Love,

The women at the well

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