Women Arising Series #2: Chidinma Ogboko

Chidinma’s story is one of arising out of the ashes of grief…One of living instead of merely existing.

We are excited to live along with her and we pray that if you lost someone dear to you this year, this inspires you to ARISE from the ashes of grief.

————————————————————–For the past one year now, I’ve relented in doing what God wants me to do.

Last October, I started giving a male friend Nuggets on becoming a Family man. I gave him about 21 of them and when I told him I was done with it, he encouraged me to build on them, compile it, add some more stuff and make it a book. Actually, before he said that, I had it in mind to compile just those nuggets into a free eBook and distribute to people. But since he said it, its like God stamped it and pressed it on my heart to do so. So I continued writing. And God kept expanding my mind as to what would be I’m the book and gave me words for it.


Then in July, I attended Frances’ aspiring authors online class  and I just felt like the work was too much and wasn’t so enthusiastic about the whole writing deal again.

Then in September, I lost my mum and then I began to just exist. I don’t think I was living then.

I would look at my manuscript and just toss it anywhere.

In October, God made me realise how much I was wasting away and that it was enough of my grieving.

He wanted me to rise up and move on with my life. That is how he came up with the Arising program this December for TWTW.


One thing I noticed is that He wants His entire body to rise in different areas as there were many programs with the rising theme. I kept asking why He would want me to speak to men through the book. I felt (and still feel) that I’m not the one to do this. Men should do this or more so, a married woman. But He keeps saying that He has Chosen me to do it.

I should know I am different. Everyone is. Everyone has their unique assignment.

So I surrender.

I felt like I needed a new laptop to begin typing the manuscript but He made me understand that I have a tablet which I can use to type and so I should start with what I have.

I have obeyed. 

So I’ve gotten someone to do the book cover design so I can start getting word out for the book.

Sincerely, I’m stilll having to deal with fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of what people would say about the book. Fear of even beginning to share on my social media platforms that I have a book coming up. But I choose to let God know my fears and let Him lead me step by step along the way. Its gonna be a long process of learning but I’m just going to be open to that.


The book should be out by February 2018.

Also, I had an eight months break last year and I invested my time to learn fashion designing for 7 months. Now, God is also impressing it on my heart to open a fashion brand. Priceless Seams is the name.


So I’m starting first on social media. Instagram to be precise.


So that’s my Arising story.

One of pain to purpose.

From fear to faith.

I still feel the fear sometimes but I cannot come and let Satan spoil my life!


I chose to arise!


“ARISE [from the depression and prostration in which circumstances have kept you–rise to a new life]! Shine (be radiant with the glory of the Lord), for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you!”
-Isaiah 60:1 AMPC




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We pray it blesses you and you see our heart of love through it.


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