Women Arising Series #3: Tolulope Adetunji

You too can do what the Lord has asked you to do despite your personality cloak.

Read, arise and be blessed!

I am Tolulope Adetunji, the Creative Head at WonderInspired Cakes et al based in Ibadan.

“I Bake For Life” is a vision God laid upon my heart in November 2015. I was going through a phase of rediscovering my identity in Christ and my place in His plans for this season/dispensation. I was greatly blessed to have been under the teachings of Bro Jesudamilare Adesegun-David, Major Moyo Akin-Ojo and Apostle Joshua Selman at the time. The last two being mostly via audio tapes.

There had been a restlessness and longing for more of/in God and a particular message titled “Gifted for Exploits” was one of the pivotal teachings which birthed IBFL. This is such a big leap of faith for me because I am naturally someone who gives veerry careful considerations to things before embarking on them and had always been content with less visibility. I love working behind the scenes. I would rather volunteer in the kitchen than in the choir, although I love being a blessing through singing too but not necessarily by being on stage.

It’s a Father-daughter adventure and His life-drenalin abounds in bountiful measures as “I keep leaping before I look”.

IBakeForLife is a bake sale outreach from which proceeds go to support Kingdom projects and other God-glorifying worthy causes.

To the glory of God, the word became flesh on 26th February 2017. We had our first outreach and have had three more after that.


What an incredible journey it’s been. There’s been an urgency in my spirit in the past three or so months, a call to deeper things on this journey.

The sister versions of IBakeForLife are I Craft For Life and I Cook For Life (This held at our last outreach). These are areas of giftings God has blessed me with and desires to use for His glory. Any of the outreaches could feature either of these instead of a bake sale, all as the Spirit leads.

I am deeply grateful for my husband, parents, siblings by birth and by Christ and everyone who God brought my way to be a part of this journey… Sponsors, supporters, volunteers, those who honoured us with their presence.

Like I always say, it is a labour of love, all for the love of Christ and He duly rewards! Thank you, God bless.

P.S. Kindly visit our Instagram page, @ibake4life. Thank you!


We can testify to “IbakeForLife” being a kingdom business.

They made our last ANNIVERSARY cake as practically a seed and transported it all the way down to Lagos for waayyy less than the normal cost.

God bless the works of your hands sis!

Goes to show that God uses ALL things!


We “THE WOMEN AT THE WELL” are excited to give out our book “The women at the well Bible Study collection Volume 1” as a gift to YOU in this Christmas season!!??

We pray it blesses you and you see our heart of love through it.


Download here

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