Women Arising Series #5: Sandra Olugbode

Sandra’s story is one very much like the proverbial servants given talents by the Master Jesus.

All that the Lord will use to bless you, He has placed in you and in your hands.

For some He gives a job; but for Sandra, He laid a business in her heart. Despite fear, despite “issues” she arose with “Mummy Choppo”.


Read and #Arise


The struggle to get a job was the least thing on my mind. While graduating from school, I had this confidence that a job will come so easily. I got married in 300 Level so the bulk of my school expenses was on my mum and hubby.

Fast forward to one year after I left school, I remember many times that I sat on my bed crying and praying to God for a job. I always wondered why God was so mean to me; shebi he knows I desperately need a job…I would complain and rant in anger and at that time, I stopped asking my mum for cash to protect my marriage and husband even though the cash from my husband’s job was too small to take care of our family needs.


As a godly woman and wife that I am, I maintained my peace and trusted God for our everyday supply. I couldn’t buy things that I really needed, every cash we got was fixed even before we got them so there was no extra to spoil myself. It was hard to bear it really shook me but through it all I never lost focus of God’s plan for our future.


One day I thought about starting a business… you see, I am not the business kind of person so the thought didn’t sit well with me and so I discarded it.


Few months later I was still searching for a job. As usual I was at home and going through Instagram. I came across this awesome lady’s page @August secret. Going through her page just brought waves of inspirations. I was so inspired by what she’s doing and the idea of starting a business came again but fear pushed it out again; fear of so many what ifs and that totally discouraged me.


Then one fateful day, I gathered courage to pray about starting a business despite my many fears. I was marvelled when waves of inspiration began to fill my mind about the kind of business to start. I had peace about it and I was so sure it was what God would have me do. I told my husband about it, he really loved the idea but another challenge that faced us was capital to start.


I waited and waited and waited and capital never came but I never lost the hope of starting my business despite my fears. Finally a year and few months later, I was so tired of waiting for capital, I approached my husband and he gave 3,000Naira. That’s how I started my business with 3,000Naira.

My business is not so big yet but I am so glad with what am doing and the courage to rise from fears and lack of capital.


Sometimes, situations will force out your hidden gifts and talent, whatever your challenge, see it from God’s eyes, some situation and challenges are God’s own way of shaping us and making us better to become who He’s created us to be.

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