Women Arising Series #7: Ayodeji Michael-Oni

It is amazing how sometimes our own stumbling block to #Arising is ourselves- our own mindset.

Read how Ayodeji arose from doctrines and went on to found a singles ministry that cuts across all denominations!

Be blessed and arise!


My name is Ayodeji Michael-Oni @ayodejionimichael, I founded STRIDE SINGLES FORUM alongside my husband @kenniemichael.


I grew up to know there was something different and spectacular about me and my life…

As a Pastor’s child, I was immensely involved with church and her activities… Growing up was all about church and school…

As I grew, I discovered People were always coming around to hear me talk especially younger ones. I just always know what to say…It was DIVINE!!!

But here was the problem, I became indoctrinated! Because of the denomination I belonged to, I looked at certain women fulfilling purpose as sinners and their act sinful, especially their physical appearance.


It kept me bound for a long time as I was unable to learn more, reach out and grow beyond my status quo then…

Along the way at the University (Kogi state university) I met people who helped me, the likes of Pastor Elisha Mamman, Pastor Chubie Ujah and Pastor Tayo

My greatest help and deliverance from the shackles of religion, low self-esteem and spiritual culture came when I met my mother in the Lord and mentor Rev. Funke Felix Adejumo during my NYSC at Akure, Ondo state.


Alas! My beliefs changed, I saw Christianity more as a way of life, as a lifestyle and as a relationship rather than religious practices and make belief appearances.

The inspiration to start a Singles ministry has been way back before I met my husband, but I didn’t know how to go about it due to my religious beliefs.

Of which now I know that the message of GETTING IT RIGHT in life wasn’t just for my denomination but for all believers.

I always want to see people happy and fulfilled in all spheres of life.

My meeting with Mama Adejumo was one of the many confirmations I received as she was a vivid picture of how I think life as a Christian woman should be. Purpose, Fulfilment and Happiness…

I was in a religious founded relationship and I thought it was going to end up in marriage even when I knew inside of me that so many things were wrong with the relationship… I can’t say it all here…


But in all, I thank God for spiritual leading and direction through Rev Funke Felix Adejumo.

STRIDE SINGLES FORUM came about shortly after I got married.

Today we have over 150 singles registered on the group. Learning how to get it right in marriage and purpose discovery/fulfilment whilst still single…

I wake up every morning feeling fulfilled knowing well that ‘I may not have gotten to where am going, but am definitely not where I used to be’



SINGLES STRIDES FORUM is a committed group of youths helping singles to get it right in relationships, marriage and in Christ!

Follow on Instagram: @stridesingles

And on Facebook and Twitter @stridesinglesforum




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