Women Arising Series #8: Ify Halim

What happens when you believe God for something and He doesn’t show up?

What happens when you pray, have a note of victory on an issue and then still God doesn’t show up?

So many have lost their way in the corridors of faith… some have found their way back and many others are still lost in questions.

Ify’s #ArisingStory is a story of one who found her way back in faith…a story of one who arose from the ashes of “faith questions” into seeing the divine light and plan.

If you have been disappointed in something you trusted God for this year, then this is for you.

Read, be blessed, arise and also find your way out of the corridors of “the questions of faith”


I see my personal walk with God as a rollercoaster journey sometimes – with very high highs and some really low lows. But with each turn comes a new revelation of “I AM”; definitions of God based on life experiences I can only be grateful for.

In 2017, I AM revealed Himself to be a Restorer. Flashback to a particular Sunday morning the year before, when little ol’ me could be found fighting back tears in a bus ride from the mainland. I had just experienced what felt like the biggest disappointment of the year – being disqualified from an exam I had spent over three months preparing for, simply because I didn’t have the right identification documents. It was a very expensive examination, if I might add, one with fees I’d later find out were non-refundable. Basically, my mind was a confused mess, my heart was racing at hundred miles per minute, and God seemed pretty much silent at this time.

I didn’t understand what was going on. Wasn’t it the night before that I’d had a note of victory in prayer? Wasn’t I singing Travis Greene’s He Made A Way on repeat? My prayers usually settled unexpected future mishaps, so things just didn’t add up. I had a door slammed shut in my face, a door I was positive God had asked me to walk through in the first place. I just didn’t get it.

Till this day, I’m still blown away by how the exact figure spent on exam fees were restored to my family through a “random” gift months later. Excuse my slang, but this was someone who didn’t know me from Adam, and had no idea what had happened. But God…

More months later and I would attend the summer program equivalent of the course I was aiming for, minus the costly exams. I’m thankful for the amazing people He raised to help with funding. There were many obstacles along the way too for payments, but somehow, every need was sorted in the nick of time. And the course itself, it had an eery sense to it. I mentioned this in a personal blog post, but it was literally as if a buffet table of answers I’d pondered on that year was made specially for me. It was the most surreal experience ever, and while I’m grateful for the knowledge and relationships gained, it did wonders for my faith. I was nicely reminded that God’s in full control of circumstances, that it’s His plan, His agenda, and I’m just a participant in the grand scheme of things.

God also revealed how merciful He is, staying faithful even in my faithlessness. I can admit that looking back, I woefully failed that test of faith in 2016 – God had given me a word, sent assurance of victory, and yet, I gave up when things didn’t “look” like they were falling into place. God’s word does not return to Him void. It’s impossible.

Praises to the God who restores opportunities and helps us rise to new knowledge of Him.




I’m a passionate Christian writer and content strategist in the city of Lagos. You can follow my journey of learning about love, faith and purpose at www.ifyhalim.com. Have a book project you need help with? Hit me up too.



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