Women Arising Series #9: Goodness Weme Mercy

What happens when you wait for four years before you get into the University?

What happens when still you graduate and are held back from going for NYSC.. with another delay again?

Goodness’ story reminds us that sometimes in delay lies our roadmap to purpose.

Read, #Arise, be blessed and navigate your way from delay into purpose!

My arising story is simply that I’ve chosen to accept what God has said He will do through me and to work with Him to bring it into accomplishment.

To understand better, I’ll go back in time. 2008 I finished secondary school and quickly picked up a job as a minder in a school (the primary school I attended) while waiting for my SSCE and JAMB results to be out. JAMB results were out, my centre was cancelled.

“My God”….what will I be doing with children for the next one year while waiting to enrol for another JAMB.

Four years I worked with children as a minder and then a teacher, depression and all such trailed me. I was disturbed.  “I performed brilliantly in school why should this be happening to me. My mates were in school,  what was I doing here.” All these and more of such thoughts plagued my mind especially in the early part of my work there 2009-2010.

All this while I was enjoying the work and always looked forward to meet my kids day to day but once I was out of work the haunting began.

It was towards the end of that period that I got a wind of what God wanted me to do with my life. I was to work with children in the educational sector.Excitedly I started looking for a means to change my course all to no avail.

I went on to study Physics. Fast forward to December, 2016. I finished with my project work and came back home. With no sign of going for NYSC soon, I was troubled.  Not again…. “why should I be experiencing this delay? What would I be doing till I’m able to go for NYSC?”

I just had to trust in God that He knows what’s best for me and would lead me aright. January 2017, someone came knocking on my door that my former boss wanted to see me. I went and she offered me a job,  I accepted and started working.

I really didn’t forget the vision I had and what God wanted me to do but I kept saying and hoping that I’ll begin as soon as I was done with my NYSC.

One thing I also knew was that I needed to be in business. Being in business as against taking up a full time would allow me the time to do what God intends me to do. Infact, I wrote down in my journal that perhaps God wants me to get started and settled at least in business before going of the national service yet I struggled to accept the idea of starting a business. Can’t I just get a good job and pursue the vision God had given me alongside.

Being introverted, I started giving Him a thousand and one reason why I shouldn’t be in business but God was having none of it. I realized however that I was held down by fear of the unknown and also lack of absolute trust in God.  What if this and what if that? How will my parents react to this? What will people say? After accepting to start a business, I needed capital to start the business.

The first quarter of the year passed with no hope of capital to start. Salary was spent either paying up debt, assisting in one thing or the other in the family or processing my clearance. I kept on going up and down in faith until I was able to raise capital to start my business and the business “Huoma Knowledge House” where I sell books was born.

Hardly making sales I was wearied in business.  The first sale I made, I offered up the entire profit as an offering to the Lord. The next supply had me making a profit that was more that my basic salary. I thanked God and life went on.

Business started. I felt reluctant to pursue the other vision God had given me. Yes, I was to work with children, children in orphanages especially. God had given me a word “my children shall be taught of the Lord” and a mandate “to raise up godly children in this corrupt world”. And I’m like I would start as soon as NYSC is over for me.

Last year I reconnected with a pupil (one of the pupils I taught while waiting for admission) on facebook and this was his testimony. In his words:

“Few years ago probably 6years ago in our class you were teaching and later you switched to preaching though it sounded like an advise but then i knew I was down emotionally. Then you told us about yourself and told us that life doesn’t end here but to have everlasting life we gotta give our life to Christ and live for him maybe no one listened to you in class but i listened and today that speech you made contributed to my relationship with Jesus today. you may not remember you say it but i never forgot that speech and today it’s all about Jesus in my life. I wanted to say thank for that day.”

God used this testimony to remind me of what He wanted me to do.

Going back to my journal, I realized my first port of call was not to the orphanages but to start organizing a Bible study session with pupils in my school. I’ve decided to start with that vision come January as soon as we resume for next term. I’ve been wondering about the material I would use and God has led me to a book in my collection I could begin with. I don’t know how long I have to work until I go for NYSC but it is my heart desire that the little I do in the life of this children would produce a fire that would create in them a heart that yearns after God.

This is my arising story.

Bio: I’m Goodness-Mercy Weme, a primary school teacher and a book distributor.

“Huoma Knowledge House” is a book distribution company whose aim is to provide “good” books all across the nation to help our customers achieve that development they need in all spheres of life through life transforming books. You can reach us at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Huomaknowledgehouse/
Instagram: @huomabooks

Personal contact:
Facebook: Goodness-Mercy Weme
Instagram: @goodnessmercy.weme
Email: goodnessmercy.weme@gmail.com


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