Women Arising Series #10: Kemisola Adeniyi

Sometimes the greatest testimony God works in our lives is within us.

Kemisola’s #ArisingStory reminds us that God is a master at renewing our mind and pulling down the mindsets, struggles, hurts… that have held us back in the past.

Her story tells us that we can walk a new journey in Christ, with God as our anchor.

Read, be blessed and arise!



Dreams do come true and God still answers prayers. Doing this write-up is a big Challenge for me at the moment, but I will try as much as possible to keep it simple.

My story is filled with all shades of emotions, but every time, I am always convinced God is involved in every step I take and every direction because I end up scaling every hurdle and feeling stronger, sometimes in the place of prayer, other times totally trusting him and letting him have his way.

From the Loss of loved one trauma, to low self-confidence, emotional abuse, negative talks, health scares, financial imbalance… all of these happening in my life even as a young lady becoming. Many times, I complain, I cry, a few moments, I smile… looking back, seeing where I am coming from and seeing how far I have come.

I envied particularly girls who had all the care, love and attention. I always thought my life was too complicated and a mess. I was in one of these thoughts one day when the holy spirit asked me if I want all these things I am craving for, then I should stop seeking growth, because my story of growth is quite different from others and I should therefore focus on my growth and resist comparison.

I have been opened to so much hurt and inadequacies, always trying to be in everyone’s good books.

People pleasing was number one on my list. Even when it makes no sense or it is displeasing, I am always very particular about what people will think, “what if they stop liking me and I am left all by myself”… and this has left me to explaining myself to too many people who will not even give a hoot for their own actions and I dare not question them.

I will go back and cry to the same God who already gave me an instruction, but because of what people’s perception would be and fear of being misunderstood, I will come up with lots of excuses. I was always moving in and out of unworthy relationships just to be heard, just to feel loved, just to be accepted, even when God is asking me to wait. At a point I could not even explain what season I was in anymore, because nothing made sense to me anymore.
I was dealing with so many baggages; baggages that I thought I had abandoned many times, but I find it really easy to pick them up again when there is a little bump on the road.


I took steps to being accountable to some individuals I saw as mentors, but it just never worked. At that point, I began to feel I had a problem, the devil gave me flimsy reasons as to why I seem not to get along with people. Sometimes, I believed him, Other times, I resisted him.

Then I started praying to God for a new life; I want to start all over, I want to forget the past and move on. I had a number of moments of waiting on God and praying in the spirit.

The opportunity came, I got an International admission for my Masters and it was as if it wouldn’t be mine. Everyone I thought believed in me, could not see it through. It was quite hard for them, my calls and mails were not attended to and I became really worried. I felt maybe God was trying to say No, But No, I prayed about it, and I had peace. So God how do you intend coming through at this hour was my question.

To cut the long story short, God came through unexpectedly.

I can’t explain how, because initially, it all seemed rough and impossible but now, the pieces and dots are connecting and making a whole lot of sense.

I see it as a journey, I was made to realize I have been dwelling in the place of comfort, and I needed to get up and the time is now. To God, it was more of spiritual than physical, To me and everyone else, It was more of the physical, but right now, people’s opinion does not matter.

Now, I am learning that there is a reason for every No you get, and there is nothing personal about it. It’s just a part of the growth process especially if you have asked for it.

God has given me friends with purpose, everyone I have met so far on this new journey has been fulfilling their part, and I am gradually regaining my strength with God, getting back on track, away from people pleasing, rebuilding confidence, totally trusting God, letting him have his way, resting in his will.




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