Women Arising Series #11: Ifedolapo Oyewole

When we finally realise that God has to be first above everything else that we do, then we can better function in peace and in wholeness.

Sometimes to #Arise means to arise in our relationship with the Lord.

This is Dr Dolly’s testimony. We hope it helps you #arise from placing God in second place.

Through the years, I have suffered loss, failure and disappointment.

I lost my mom 7 years ago, this shook and uprooted my faith. I have been unsuccessful at so many things.  I have been delayed so many times. I have lost so many opportunities. I have suffered disappointments and heart-breaks. I have lost count of the number of times I cried.

So many of God’s promises never did manifest in my life, therefore, this left me doubting every word of assurance from God. I kept wondering if I was still under God’s radar. I doubted my potential and God’s plan for my life. I began to question everything about myself and everything about God. It just felt like my prayers were being thrown back at me.

I got to a point where I realized I had to fully rely on a higher power, and it could only be God, because I have tried everything within my power. So I began to take my mind off a lot of things that was taking up my time and energy. I began to focus more on God above all other things in my life. I stopped worrying about every other things in my life.
And I have been enjoying it. I have been receiving answers to a lot of questions. God has been taking me through the journey of self-realization. More than ever before, He has been speaking to me, hugging me and loving me. Things that used to be unclear are becoming clearer.

At the last TWTW meet, part of the words I received through Pastor Isi, was that “I am very much under His radar”. This has put my mind at ease and worked out much peace within me.

Right now He has asked me to sit at His feet while He pours into me. He has been releasing snippets of His plan for my life, just for me to view. All I once held very dear and important is now nothing in my eyes. My career especially has taken its place behind God. (I had always put my medical career above everything in my life) Knowing more of Him has taken the preeminence in my life.

In the course of “SITING AND FOCUSING ON HIM”, He has been giving me things without me asking. Things I have been struggling for before, are now falling into my laps. Just like that! Doors are beginning to open by itself. And above all, I have been experiencing tremendous spiritual growth.

I have come to learn that my full potential is in fully knowing and resting in God.

Knowing God genuinely is the ultimate achievement in life.

Also God loves me so much that He would not give me things He knows I am not ready for. If He had given me those things then, it definitely would have been disastrous.

Praise be to God the MASTER PLANNER  and LOVING FATHER.



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