Rahab’s Marriage

“This is the family history of Jesus Christ. He came from the family of David, and David came from the family of Abraham… Salmon was the father of Boaz. (Boaz’s mother was Rahab.) Boaz was the father of Obed. (Obed’s mother was Ruth.) Obed was the father of Jesse.”
Matthew 1:1‭, ‬5 NCV


Rahab looked at the man who was asking her for his hand in marriage. He was one of the spies who had come to her house the other day. Maybe she was dreaming.

She asked him to repeat himself. “Salmon what are you saying?”

She wondered. This man was a good man why did he want to do this to himself?

“Do you understand what you are saying?”

Salmon looked at the woman who had stolen his heart. He had been watching her since she came into the camp of Israel; she was industrious and hard-working, constantly on her feet to provide food for her family. He had seen the way she asked questions to know more about God. He felt certain that the Lord would have her carry his seed.

It had taken him weeks to muster up the courage to ask her and now that he was here, he was determined that he won’t go home without an answer.

Salmon replied her with deceptive calm, “Rahab I have watched you for months. You are my wife, I know you are and I would love to marry you if you would have me.

The heat broke out on Rahab’s neck. No, Salmon was a good man, she couldn’t let him do this to himself; he deserved better than her.

She spoke in frantic tones.
“No Salmon, go home. Go home. I have seen Leah looking at you sometimes. She loves you I know she does. You can have better. I won’t let you do this to yourself.”

She turned her face away and almost made to enter her tent when his next words stopped her in her tracks.

“I am a blood bought son of Israel. My blood would overshadow and overpower your blood. Whatever remains of it from Jericho. I can wash you clean with my blood. I can. Let me. Allow me.”

But didn’t he understand? She had to come clean with him, maybe that would clear his senses.

She turned back to dig the knife in.

“I was a prostitute from when I was 12 years old and up until a few months ago, I have never known a different life.
I slept with 8 men at the least each night with no regret. I danced for them. I gave them pleasure. I loved it.”

Salmon stared at the false proud dignified way in which she held herself.

Beloved, she is hurt… tell her what I told you.


Salmon nodded to the One whose voice he had learned to obey.

“Rahab, in Israel, a man’s seed is seen as a powerful weapon. It is so powerful, it is known to transform an entire generation. A husband is seen as a covering over a woman. And when He plants his seed in that woman, whatever he births forth, births him.

I want to place my seed in you. I want you to know that the seed of an Israelite man is able to birth new generations that carry the blood-line of our Lord.

My blood is enough for both of us Rahab. My blood is enough”.

As Rahab looked at the determined posture of his face, she broke down and wept.


“Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her, that He might sanctify and cleanse her with the washing of water by the word, that He might present her to Himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that she should be holy and without blemish. So husbands ought to love their own wives as their own bodies; he who loves his wife loves himself.”
Ephesians 5:25‭-‬28 NKJV


The marriage of Rahab is one that may be so confusing to many (how does an Israelite man marry a former prostitute?)
But it is also one that is so instructive about the marriage between the bride of Christ and Jesus.

Jesus loved us; He loved His church so much that He died for her. His only desire was and is to make her clean and call her His own.

You may wonder; what does God want with me? A former prostitute? Party girl? Lesbian? Doer of all sins? (You name yours?)

But Jesus says; get married to me. My blood is able to cleanse you of whatever it is that may be in your own blood-line.

I am the seed of God and my seed in you is more powerful than any other seed you may have sown in yourself.

I am the seed of God. Sow me in you in you will reap another generation; one that would birth Christ.
Just like Rahab.
Just like Rahab.

Lord I come to you today. I am back as your bride. I am here. I am ready. Take me. I want to be married to you.


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