Bridging The Gap Between Naomis and Ruths 2.0


This is one word that can aptly capture my experience at TWTW’s Season 2 of “Bridging the gap between Naomis and Ruths” which held on Saturday, 26th April 2018.

The Meet had every element of a refreshing hang out – spiritual, physical, social, and of course, some delicious ‘item 7’ of various delicacies.

We started with a one-hour worship session (with Victoria Orenze’s worship medley playing in the background), which had the most of us compelled to our knees or lying face down in total awe and surrender to this great God!

After some brief preliminaries –introductions, welcome note by TWTW founder, Miss Hephzibah Frances, our Naomis – Aunty Salt Bola Essien Nelson and Pastor Bidemi Mark-Mordi, spoke to us – unfiltered, like a mother to her beloved daughters.

Afterwards, we had a panel session with them and a third Naomi – Mrs Uche, where we got to ask them the numerous questions in our hearts.

Following the highly enlightening panel session, Hephzibah Frances gave a brief exhortation on the topic: “The Postures of Ruths and Naomis”. 

To round off the Meet, Aunty Salt proclaimed divine blessings over our lives! Like what more accolades or assurance do we need?

Seriously, if you missed this season 2 of Bridging the gap between Naomis and Ruths, you truly missed a lot. No jokes. Every activity on the day’s program was a hit back to back; the belly-deep laughters cannot be feigned.

However, as a generous sombori I’ll share with you my top takeaways from the Meet, so you too can have a taste of what we experienced in that ama-mazing, enlightening, empowering and highly refreshing session of Bridging the gap between Naomis and Ruths 2.0.

Here you go!
1. Each of us is a Naomi, we all have something to give. This was first said by Aunty Salt, and reiterated by Hephzibah, and it sank deep into my spirit – we all have something to give. So quit feeling that you are just collecting and collecting, yet having nothing to give in return. Just you reading this post is an act of you giving. Giving a listening ear to someone, sharing a word of encouragement, paying a compliment, is an act of you giving.

2. Stop defining yourself by what you do, that is so limiting. Rather, define yourself from the point of who you are in the Father, who God says you are. This is so empowering! (Thank you Aunty Salt for this eye-opener).

3. We don’t feel anything because of our circumstances, our feelings are as a result of how we THINK about these circumstances. For instance, we feel bad when we think bad, negative thoughts about our circumstances. The reverse is also true.

4. The antidote for anxiety is firm, unshakable belief in the LOVE OF GOD and the SUPREMACY OF HIS POWER.

5. Everything in your hand is a tool for you to begin to meet a need and solve a problem – from your immediate environment to the rest of the world.

6. The mind is the greatest asset you have, if you can control it. Fill your thoughts with God’s word. Only God’s word must stand.
7. Decide before you decide. Don’t wait for pressure or external events to occur before you decide on a stand concerning a situation, belief or value.

8. We can get anything out of heaven if we get our relationship with heaven right.

9. Obscurity is a great thing. If you want God to use you, try being hidden for some time. Stay behind the scenes and let God prepare you for the stage. If no one hears your name, it does not negate what you are doing.

10. Take root down in God, so when you grow, no wind can blow you down.

11. There are always tell-tale signs of abuse when you relate with an abusive person, people just choose to ignore these signs till it turns to full blown abuse or violence. Violence starts from disrespect.

12. Don’t see your Singleness as a burden, see it as a privilege and explore. Enjoy NOW!
13. There is a posture of Ruths and a posture of Naomis. The postures of Ruth are: Humility, Accountability and Staying under authority. The postures of Naomi is the willingness to bring Ruths close and share what she knows with them.

14. God is calling us back to the place of discipleship. As a Ruth, actively see the Naomis God is bringing your way, invest in that relationship and intentionally glean from them. As a Naomi, seek out opportunities to replicate your God-nature in others, pour out into others.

15. Don’t let age blind side you. If you know man after the flesh, you will miss out on destiny relationships.


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