HOW TO KEEP HIM: Sneak Peek Into The TWTW Bible Study Collection Vol. 2

It’s a beautiful Monday, and some ladies are worried that they are still single; while some others are worried that they don’t know how best to keep their man.

Whichever side of the divide you are on, we totally get you. This is why in our study of “All Things Courtship and Marriage”, in the The TWTW Bible Study Collection Vol. 2, we dedicated three (3) full chapters to discuss “HOW TO KEEP HIM”, as it is a major concern for most women, including Christian women.

As usual, we enjoin you not to enjoy alone; please read, learn, share and invite your sister-girlfriends to do same

First, I must say that no matter how much of a good woman/wife you are, if your man wants to misbehave or be a bad husband, he would. So in as much as you put in your best, you’re doing your responsibility as a wife to your husband. It is your husband’s responsibility to treat you the way God wants you to be treated.

Take the example of Abigail and Nabal. Abigail was a wise woman who took care of her household and did all she was supposed to do. Meanwhile, she was married to a foolish man who had no regard for her or his family.

So bearing the above in mind, how can we keep our man?

1. Honour and respect him. Honour varies from one man to another. One husband may want his wife to honour him by kneeling every morning to greet him or something else. It’s your role as a woman to discover what it is.

2. Watch your words. Don’t speak demeaning words to your man or put him down when he’s already down. Encourage him. Let your words bring life and not dent his ego.

3. Do him good all the time. Even if your husband isn’t doing things the right way, or isn’t treating you as he should, you should still be good to him. It’s your responsibility.

She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life” – Proverbs 31:12, NLT.

4. Keep looking awesome. Don’t be among the women who dress shabbily because they are now married. Hubby likes it when I wear jewellery, make-up and fix my hair. I don’t do this all the time, but when he makes mention of it, I have to do it, especially when we’re going out.
5. Allow him to lead. The man is the head of the home. Sometimes, you may not agree totally with his decision. Instead of telling it to him or making him feel bad about his choice, tell God. Let God handle it. And if you must voice out your opinion, say it in a subtle and respectful way.

Your character and the way you handle issues matters a lot in marriage, and in every relationship. Let’s face it, we don’t know where we will meet the guy (for those who haven’t met him). Maybe it will be at work or in church, etc. Our attitude and character carry farther than just the home. A “smelling” attitude follows you to church, follows you to the market, follows you home, and follows you everywhere.

Sometimes, we think that we are doing good and are great, till God opens our eyes to see that we can “Come up higher”. If you are still single, now is the best time to let the Holy Spirit work out His character in you and teach you on how to keep ‘him’ when he comes. If you are married, the Holy Spirit is still your best go-to-person for wisdom and how best to keep him.

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