Ugo Patience: The Esther Reverse

So what if Esther was a Man!
She had to take care of Mordecai…..feed, wash, shop for and support him, provide for and live with.
Or let’s say there was a “Man contest” –the queen wants a groom, who would be King.
There was a call for a man that will be the next King…
How well taken care of are the men in your life?
Am I submissive enough to let them be strong?
Submissive enough out of a strong decision to be, not out of a no-option kinda situation. (I hope you get the sense out of that sentence)
Can I cook for and wash for, without sizing him up for marriage or any other extra benefits?
Can I nurture as a mother to wholeness the Men I have connections with?
Can I stop the name calling and attention giving, just for a reward?
What if He(the man/men in your life) was a Mordecai –would he be picked as a King?!
Being Married is a dress that subjects a woman to specially give attention to one man. Just as the Bible says:
A married woman’s business is how she can please her Husband but a single woman’s business should be on how to please the Lord (see 1Corinthians 7)
Can I/you maintain a platonic relationship with the guys God allows in our lives without sizing them up to our standards and honoring them as we deem fit?
The Boy-child series that have been running on the blog is to show us the solution sitting pretty in us.
The only reason why we see a broken fence is so that we can mend it.
Look at the relationship between a mother and son, it goes beyond the physical, there is this special tenderness a son has towards his mother that are beyond words.
Daughters would be drawn to their fathers, in case your wondering what happens to the girls (lol).
Every man is looking for a soft palette to lay his head and hide from the cruel demands the world throws at him.
Samson could only be defeated when a woman aided his enemies.
Women are seen as sex tools –a means to derive pleasure or a kind of distraction, also seen as helps, companions and vision bearers.

Feminism puts on a gold platform that we have subtle control over the men, but haven’t we focused majorly on being wives and mothers and equal partners with men than on just being a woman-which is the core foundation of what a man needs.

The man(Adam) could not call an animal his partner because he saw more than companionship in her.

Can we just use our vulnerability as a strong point?

We are more than roles: Wife, Banker, Manager, Blogger, Singer
We are more than status: Single, Married, Divorced…

Respect is one thing we still have to work on….. and this far different from being melancholic or phlegmatic. It’s a decision to honor people, regardless of their words and actions I will treat them like humans (in need of love).

Clap backs and being bitchy is not sexy at all. The boys on the street won’t see you as a human, even as a person. First glance they see a thing they can devour, but in defense we shout at them, insult them, curse them and “give them”.

But if we see them as humans who need love, then we can turn down proposals nicely.

Develop the Mother side of you first.
Learn how to care for things and people too. Pray for the boys that see you as sexy, reply nicely and calmly- they’ll see wisdom in you.

Get other matured friends involved when it gets threatening and never forget what happens when you speak a word in Jesus name.



Hello there. My name is Ugo Patience Ukam a writer,beauty entrepreneur and vocalist.
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