lessons from Boaz… She belongs to another.

Dear beloved brother!
I hope my letter meets you well, just felt the need to gist with you and guess what, I thought to write you letters.

In this series, we will be looking at the life of Boaz, a man who blew me away when I began reading his account in the bible.
While I read, my heart burn with anticipation because I desperately wanted to share with you. Lets dive in.

From Ruth 1, you know very well of how Naomi lost her husband and two sons, these events left her with two daughters-in-law. After a while, Naomi decided to return to her people and Ruth against all resistance from Naomi, decided to return with her.

Look at what Boaz asked the first time he sets his eyes on Ruth.
Ruth 2:5

then Boaz asked his foreman, “Whose damsel is this?”

When I read this, it was really puzzling, the fact that he considered that she might belong to another man was the conundrum for me. His personal interest was not on the front burner, well! That is if he had one. This guy was still very single; you would expect him to look at her considering her for himself, but no!
My beloved brother (BB), I wish this is the first thing that comes to your mind when you meet new sisters in the church, youth groups, choir, group dating programmes and picnics.

Some of My beloved brothers (BB) are most times too quick to start up a subtle race for who will be the first to win an incomer’s attention or heart. This equivocally leads to testing and toying with the emotions of your sister in Christ. This sudden rush and attention sometimes sends green light breeding that environment for a premature or an unhealthy relationship. Most times these kind of rush are short-lived.
Every of God’s daughter belongs to one of God’s son. It is “thiefery” to toy with or attempt to test her heart when it is not your own.

God has you in His plan and He has made one woman for you, your job is to carefully find her out knowing the others that chance on your circle belong to another of your brother.

Let’s see another scripture,

1 Thess 4:4-6.
“Then each of you will control his own body, and live in holiness and honour- not in lustful passion like the pagan who do not know God and his ways. Never harm or cheat a brother in this matter by violating his wife, God has called us to live holy lives not impure lives”

So before God, you have a responsibility to guard your sisters heart until she is found by her own husband. That selfish desire to want to pursue every Christian girl that is new in your circle is unhealthy. The bible says each time you do this; you are the verge of harming your brother by violating his wife.

You may want to ask “How am I violating his wife, she is very single, yea” but in God’s scheme of things, He knows who she will end up with. When you toy with her or test to see if you are compatible, you rob that brother she is yet to meet. Rather, you are expected to guard her heart until she meets your brother and if she is for you, you will know as you relate with each other.

This is the heart of caution that should characterize the way we relate with our siblings in Christ. We cheat ourselves when all that matters to us is “should I date her?” rather than being a blessing to your sisters, fellow brothers and the body of Christ.

When you meet a new sister in your circle, your first response should be, “whose damsel is this Lord? How can I contribute to her life and ensure he meets her better? What part should I play in her life?”

This is the path to Godly Manliness.

Yours sisterly,



Our July 8 hours in tongues comes up this Saturday, the 14th..  Theme: “Gather the Intercessors”

God is calling each of us ,His sons, His daughters back, back to standing  in the gap, standing in the gap for our familes,our friends, the body of Christ and our nation.  Would you accept the call?

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