LESSONS FROM BOAZ….. Pray For Your Sister.

Welcome to the month of August everyone, a month God has told us clearly in TWTW,  would be a month of NEW THINGS, we are so excited for what Daddy is about to do, are you ready?


We are continuing this week  with our letters to our beloved brother(s) series, letters which are based on the lessons from the life of Boaz.  If you missed it you can click here to start from the beginning.


Dear Beloved Brother!

Welcome to the forth letter on this series, lessons from Boaz.

It is a general notion amongst godly sisters that godly men are scarce. The world has succeeded in painting a canvas with strokes that make it easy to believe the assertion is true but I know better and this is the reason I am writing to you.
You don’t write a letter to someone who doesn’t exist, do you?
So dive in and be blessed, brother.

Ruth 2:12

“The lord recompense thy work, and a full reward be given thee of the Lord of Israel, under whose wings come art come to trust”

Boaz was praying for Ruth, how often do you pray for your sisters in Christ?

Pray for one another is a famous biblical injunction from God, dear BB, you will not fully understand the import of this until you have a glimpse of the pressure posed on your sisters from the world system.

1.The pressure to dress like the models even if it means dressing nude. Buying decent cloths from the market is near impossible today. Some sisters have resolved to sewing even if it will cost more.

2.The pressure to hate the word “submission” because it seems to be a word reserved for women who are clueless and choose to act like imbeciles.

3.The pressure to hate child bearing because it is generally believed that it disfigures our body shape and wreck the budget.

4.The pressure to join the feminist movement because some wished they were treated exactly like men in all situations and at all time. If you ever speak against the feminist movement, you are made to look like an ingrate. “If not for feminist struggles and victories over the years, you will be a nobody today” the lies they peddle.

5.The pressure to be a baby-mama and shun marriage and relationship.

This world is made up of messed up ideologies and we all need the power of the eternal God to help us live out God’s purpose and will.

Pray for your sisters. For the one who is becoming arrogant, pray for her, for the one who manages to put decent cloth on her body, pray.

The one who is already deceived, pray.
Let God hear your voice interceding for your sister, He will send answers.
Boaz prayed for Ruth.

Yours sisterly,



For our sisters in Accra , we are here.

Join us this Saturday for our twtw Ghana meet, titled “who am i?”

More details on the flyer.

Hey ladies
We’re at Ghana again
Don’t miss out on this one. Come join us as we sit at the father’s feet and have him pour out on his girls. Can’t wait to see you there. Tag a sister you know needs this.
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