Love Relationship Marriage Conference 2018: Our Trip to Tarkway Bay Beach

Hello every one, this post has been long over due, 4 months overdue, infact. We apologize for not making consistent posts updating you all concerning our trips. God willing we would improve on this.  So on the 30th of June 2018, we held our Love,Relationship and Marriage Conference for this year 2018, with the theme “Fireproof your marriage”.  We were super excited about this mainly because we are passionate about learning on how to have marriages God’s way, #kingdommarriages . This zeal led us to our amazing guest speakers, Mr &Mrs Gbenga Oshikoya. This are firebrand couple, whose love for God, the things of God are so evident in their words and actions. we were so pleased that they took time from their busy schedules to spend the day with us for our conference. Another reason why we were excited was our venue. The venue was Tarkwa Bay Beach, here in Lagos Nigeria.  Why Tarkwa bay Beach?  We picked Tarkwa bay beach due to it’s panoramic seaside view of Lagos. Lagos which is popularly known as one of the most stressful cities in Nigeria,is also one of the finest cities in Nigeria/ Therefore it was a priority for us to get a place where everyone would be comfortable, have as much fun as possible while being safe. It is an Island,the only means of transport was by a boat or a ferry, however both means of transport were completely safe while still being affordable.  The whole day was a success, as there was food drinks and the word. Let me not bore you with the details, see few of our pictures below.                             



                                                                                                                             If This If you missed this trip, you can join us this November, we are going for another amazing tour to Whispering Spring Badagry. When? how much?     Follow us on our social media pages to stay in the loop.

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